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Your College students will Love This Cyber Expertise Escape Room

March 21, 2023
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After our students graduate many of them are likely to find jobs in STEM fields that don’t even exist yet. How can we prepare our students for these jobs? While we may not know exactly what they’ll look like yet, we can be sure that our students will need to be cyber savvy to do them. Our friends at Girls4Tech know this too. Their mission is to create engaging lessons, activities, articles, and games that will help you bring the world of STEM to your students. We’ve partnered with them to create a super cool learning experience that will allow your students to practice many of the skills they’ll need to be ready— a classroom escape room that allows your students to explore the world of computer science while working together to save their school!

What’s included in the escape room?

The detailed lesson plan includes everything you need to run a one-day or multi-day escape room experience in your classroom. The download includes:

  • Mini-escape room lesson plan
  • Full escape room lesson plan
  • Detailed teacher’s guides
  • Four unique, engaging puzzles
  • Student worksheets and reflection pages
  • Classroom posters and display materials

Whether you try the mini escape room or go all out for the full escape room, we know you and your students are going to have an absolute blast. You’ll love watching them explore cryptology, data security, artificial intelligence, and jobs in computer science. And they’ll be talking for months about the time they defeated hackers to save their classmates. It will be a learning adventure they’ll never forget.




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