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ue Phonics Sound - Free Printable Vowel Groups Sport

February 7, 2024
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As you work through phonics skills to improve reading and spelling English, you will love this free resource to work on the ue sound. This phonics ue activity is perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd graders too. This ue vowel team game uses our free printable that features hearts, making it perfect as a valentines day activity or to use anytime you are looking to make learning easy and fun!

ue Sound

Attention teachers and homeschoolers! Are you searching for the perfect resource to enhance your students’ English reading and spelling skills through phonics? Look no further! We have an incredible free activity focused on the /ue/ sound. This phonics “ue” activity is specifically tailored for kindergartners, grade 1, and grade 2 students.ue Vowel Team

The vowel team “ue” is an important sound pattern for our littles to learn. This low-prep reading and spelling UE game is perfect for extra practice. This week, we are jumping into another vowel team. There are so many of them, and often it feels overwhelming. But learning vowel teams is so important. Recognizing sound patterns, like vowel teams, can aid in spelling words correctly. When our little ones know the common sound-letter correspondences, your child can more confidently spell unfamiliar words. Knowledge of pronunciation patterns, that we learn while focusing on vowel teams, also enhances reading skills. It allows you to decode words more efficiently, contributing to improved reading fluency.

These vowel teams are so important to little ones’ spelling and reading development, that it is important that we hang in there.

phonics sound ue

Phonics ue

Many words in the English language end with the letter “UE”. Even words that our little ones use often, like glue and blue, have this spelling pattern.

The combination “ue” in these words is an example of a vowel team where the “u” and “e” work together to produce a specific sound. In this case, it creates the /juː/ sound, which is often referred to as the “long u” sound. This sound is similar to the pronunciation of the letter “u” in “blue.”

Generally, when “u” and “e” appear together in a word, especially at the end, they often create the /juː/ sound. This is a common spelling pattern in English, and it’s important to recognize these patterns to accurately pronounce and spell words. However, like many rules in English, there are exceptions, and pronunciation can vary in some words.

This simple, low-prep game is a perfect way to work on spelling and reading

Phonic sound ue

This simple, low-prep game is a perfect way to work on spelling and reading “ue” words.


  • Dice
  • Game boards (laminate if you want to use them numerous times)
  • Dry Erase Marker or Pencil

ue vowel team


  • Players take turns rolling the dice.
  • The number on the dice corresponds to the word they need to read and spell.
  • The player reads the word a loud and then writes the word in the heart above the word.
  • The first person to fill in a column of hearts that reaches the top wins the game. Alternatively, you could also make the rule that whoever completely fills in all the hearts wins the game.

Enjoy this fun game of reading “ue” words.

Vowel teams game

The words included in this fun phonics game for first graders are:

  • Game 1 (one syllable words) – glue, clue, blue, sue, due, true
  • Game 2 (1-3 syllable words mixed) – issue, barbecue, virtue, rescue, avenue, hue
  • Game 3 (two syllable words) – untrue, statue, overdue, venue, blueish, clueless
  • Game 4 (three syllable words) – miscontrue, accruement, residue, revinue, subdue, continue

Improve reading and spelling words with the phonics ue sound activity! Grab free printable game for kindergarten, grade 1 and 2!

Vowel Team Game

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