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Trending Indian Child Names of 2023

December 18, 2022
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Congratulations! you are going to be a parent of a little munchkin. Being a parent is the most incredible gift of god. Yes, you have set up a beautiful nursery, and your due date is here, but have you decided on the name of your baby yet? No, Ahhh, it is no surprise to hear that in excitement to see your baby, you forgot to pick a name. But don’t worry, we have compiled a list of  Indian baby names of 2023. 

According to Hindu tradition, the name is the only thing that defines your personality and stays with you till your last breath. Thus, a person’s name is the most significant connection to their identity and individuality and the sweetest and most important sound around them. It can be a way to pass on the legacy of your ancestors and affect their perception of the universe or anything. 

So are you excited to have a look at some of the modern Hindu names for baby boy and modern baby girl names of 2023? Here we go! 

Indian baby names of 2023 – Top 10 modern baby girl names Names Meaning
1 Aatmaja Daughter in Hindi.
2 Bhavya Magnificent
3 Chandana sandalwood or one who has a calm mind
4 Chakrika In Sanskrit, it means disc. It also refers to Lord Vishu and Goddess Laxmi 
5 Charu beautiful and sweet in nature
6 Dhwani It is a Sanskrit word that means the stream of excellent music
7 Falguni Simply beautiful
8 Kalyani Auspicious
9 Kriti Fame, Reputation, Happiness
10 Sadhika Chaste, Virtuous, Faithful

Indian baby names of 2023 – Top 10 modern Hindu names for baby boy

S. no. Name Meaning
1 Bhadrak A daring person
2 Chakshan A good looking individual
3 Charun One that has beautiful eyes
4 Daiwik By the grace of god
5 Ehit A person who is always happy
6 Galav Literal meaning is the bark of lotus tree
7 Hemil Means a person with gold characteristic
8 Ishir an influential person, pure as fire
9 Litvik Bright like sun
10 Rivaan A star or a self-sufficient person

Indian baby names of 2023 – Unique baby names with letter A Girl’s Name Meaning S.No. Boy’s Name Meaning
1 Aadrika It means strong, immovable, and sturdy 1 Aabheer Meaning dynasty
2 Aarna The other name of Goddess Lakshmi 2 Aadi Meaning starting
3 Abhinanda To celebrate or Supreme 3 Aaveg Impulsive
4 Agnira Intelligent or brilliant 4 Abadhya One who cannot be defeated
5 Adrisa Is a load of the mountains 5 Abhati Splendour
6 Akanishtha Superior or elder 6 Ashwin A winner or a star
7 Akshaykeerti Eternal fame 7 Arihant One who destroys the army
8 Amaya Limitless 8 Adhrith another name for Lord Vishnu
9 Anvika Powerful 9 Anhay Related to sun
10 Ashvi Blessed and victorious 10 Arush First ray of Sun
11 Aarushi Sun’s First Rays 11 Amritansh Sweet as nectar
12 Aaloka Means Lustrous 12 Ashvik With divine blessings
13 Aashita Means one who is hopeful 13 Anamay Another name for Lord Shiva
14 Aapti Means Fulfillment 14 Arghya Floral tribute to god 
15 Aadarshini Means Idealistic 15 Avyukta Crystal Clear

Indian baby names of 2023 – Unique baby names with letter K

S.No. Girl’s Name Meaning S.No. Boy’s Name Meaning
1 Kaivalya Perfect Isolation  1 Kaalappan is A popular name in South India that means one who controls time 
2 Kalki Goddess of Kalyug 2 Kadamb The name of a sacred tree 
3 Kamya Elegant and beautiful 3 Kailash House of Lord Shiva
4 Kumud White Lotus 4 Kartikeya The name of a Hindu god and brother of Ganesha
5 Kalyani Auspicious 5 Khagesh God of Birds
6 Kangana A bracelet 6 Kulvir Hero of the race
7 Kanitha Irish of the eye 7 Kanishk Name of a prominent Indian Ruler
8 Kanchan Gold, wealth  8 Kalpajit The one who has won Kalpana
9 Kirti   Fame, Reputation, Happiness 9 Kush Sacred grass; A son of the God Ram
10 Kasni  Flower / Special girl / Goddess Lakshmi 10 Kirtesh One who owns praising 
11 Kaavya Poetry in motion 11 Kaushik   A sentiment of love and affection 
12 Kamakshi Goddess Lakshmi/ Parvati/One with loving eyes 12 Ketan Banner; Golden; Abode 
13 Kaamya Beautiful/ Lovable 13 Keval Only; Sole; One; Complete
14 Kajri Like a cloud calm and pure 14 Kabal Intelligent or clever
15 Kakubha Symbol of beauty 15 Kaditula Sword

Indian baby names of 2023 – Unique baby names with letter S

S.No. Girl’s Name Meaning S.No. Boy’s Name Meaning
1 Saania A moment in time preserved 1 Saachi Truth
2 Sadhana Sanskrit word meaning worship 2 Saagar Ocean
3 Saanvi name for Goddess Lakshmi. 3 Saakar Manifestation of God
4 Sanya A moment in time conserved 4 Sandip Enlightened One
5 Saatvika Consciousness 5 Saamant  bordering, chief of a district, champion
6 Sachita Pure or Calm 6 Saarik Melodious
7 Sadguna Good virtues 7 Sagnik  Passion for something
8 Sadhika Seeker 8 Samarvir  The Hero of Battle
9 Sadhana Meditation or Worship 9 Snehil  Love and affection
10 Swara Swar  10 Sambhava Peace lover
11 Swati Goddess Saraswati  11 Shambhu  Someone who is responsible for Welfare and joy.
12 Sadhya Achievable, Conquerable 12 Shankar Auspicious, causing prosperity
13 Sumita Good Friend 13 Shashidhar  The Man who carries Sashi (the moon)
14 Samiha Desire 14 Saagarik Belonging to the ocean
15 Sammathi Agreement 15 Sagnik Passion

Indian baby names of 2023 – Other uncommon baby names of baby girl

S.No. Girl’s Name  Meaning
1 Ada Noble person
2 Tisha Joy
3 Udyati Elevated
4 Vanya Gracious gift of God
5 Vatsala Affectionate
6 Viransha Strong
7 Yashica Famous/glorious
8 Yuthika Multitude, flower
9 Zinnia Bright Flower
10 Zoya Princess

The name has a significant influence on the personality of the person. It has a substantial impact on how people perceive you. It also requires great effort and creativity from the parent’s side. These tips from our experts will guide you through the selection procedure by making your job easy.

Tip 1: Avoid passing trends.

Tip 2: Consider your family tree.

Tip 3: Respect your culture.

Tip 4: Look up a meaning

Tip 5: Say it loud once.

Tip 6: The name must be easy to pronounce  

You have taken this challenging job of becoming a parent, and now another daunting task is waiting for you and that’s choosing their name. But remember each child is unique and a beautiful gift from god.

Pick a beautiful name for your little one from this list of modern Indian baby names of 2023 that are inspired by recent trends. 

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