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third Grade Poems for All Studying Ranges That College students Will Love!

January 19, 2023
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There’s something so sweet about third grade poems. The kids are ready to tackle more complex themes and vocabulary, but the poetry is still so endearing and innocent. We’ve put together a list of engaging poems that will delight and spark a conversation among your third grade students.

1. Daisies by Frank Dempster Sherman

Daisies by Frank Dempster Sherman third grade poems

“At evening when I go to bed …”

“The schools are all open but …”

3. Little Rain by Elizabeth Madox Roberts

“When I was making myself a game …”

“I know what I would do …”

5. To a Child by William Wordsworth

To a Child by William Wordsworth

“Small service is true service while it lasts …”

“Shadows on the wall / Noises down the hall …”

“On a bench, in Joe’s little shed …”

8. The Eagle by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Eagle by Alfred by Lord Tennyson

“He clasps the crag with crooked hands …”

“See the pretty snowflakes …”

10. The Dolly by Jeanette Cheal

“The dolly sat upon the shelf …”

11. The Snowflake by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

Example of 3rd grade poems: The Snowflake by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

“It was a little snowflake …”

“Frosty is the morning …”

A Pleasant Ship by Emilie Poulsson.

“I saw a ship a-sailing …”

“I know what I’d do.”

“Glad to see you, little bird …”

“… but I’m not sure if it’s good.”

“The spider wears a plain brown dress …”

Birdie's Morning Song by George Cooper

“Wake up, little darling, the birdies are out …”

19. Trees by Joyce Kilmer

“I think that I shall never see / A poem as lovely as a tree …”

“There is a little maiden … / Who always has a welcome …”

“And where does he go?”

Example of 3rd grade poems: The Wind and the Leaves by George Cooper

“‘Come, little leaves,’ said the wind one day.”

23. Lullaby by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

“Sweet and low, sweet and low …”

24. March by Mary Mapes Dodge

Example of 3rd grade poems: March by Mary Mapes Dodge

“In the snowing and the blowing …”

25. The Rabbit by Elizabeth Madox Roberts

“When they said the time to hide was mine …”

“I scrape a leg …”

“I STUDIED my tables over and over, and backward and forward, too …”

Kindness to Animals from The Book of Virtues.

“Little children, never give / Pain to things that feel and live …”

29. Be Kind by Alice Joyce Davidson

“Just a little bit of kindness / Can go a long, long way …”

“No one throws a pencil …”

“Jellicle Cats come out tonight …”

“Whose woods these are I think I know …”

33. Your World by Georgia Douglas Johnson

Your World by Georgina Douglas Johnson.

“Your world is as big as you make it.”

“THEY went to sea in a Sieve, they did …”

“It was time to go.”

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It's never too early to introduce students to poetry so we've created this list of fantastic 3rd grade poems for all reading levels.

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