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The Fundamentals Of Free Digital Assembly Software program

September 4, 2020
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The basics of free virtual meeting software

Many companies rely on online training because it is cheaper and you can use a global talent pool. Not to mention that the COVID crisis made L&D on the ground even more difficult. But that's not the only reason to invest in free virtual meeting software for your team. There are only two questions that you need to answer before reviewing providers and submitting these RFPs. Are you ready and is free really the best option? First, let's look at some of the tell-tale signs that virtual meeting platforms can benefit your business.

Red flags that your company needs a virtual meeting platform

Communication barriers

Every member of the team needs to communicate in order to achieve common goals. With the help of virtual meeting software, you can overcome the obstacles. Even distant employees and external partners can meet and exchange ideas as well as help each other to cope with everyday challenges and develop important skills. It also helps you communicate with customers and other stakeholders on a global level.

Failure at work

Common mistakes are often the result of ineffective training. People just don't get the support they need to reach their full potential. You can use virtual meeting platforms to enhance your L&D program and provide instant support. Employees can meet to reflect on their performance and get peer feedback. This leads to fewer mistakes in the work.

High employee turnover

Employees are more likely to leave the company if they don't get what they need. Salaries and benefits are only part of the picture. You also need to provide them with growth opportunities and make them feel like a valued member of the team. Virtual meeting software helps reduce employee turnover because employees are stronger and more confident. Thanks to virtual conference platforms that bridge the geographical gap and hold them responsible for their own development, they can take part in live events, chat with colleagues and present products from anywhere in the world.

Low employee engagement

The final sign that your business needs virtual conferencing software is low staff engagement. Especially when teleworking and struggling to stay motivated. Virtual meeting software makes them responsible and connects them with colleagues. They are fully engaged because virtual conferences take them out of the passive role. Instead of watching a presentation or online training tutorial, employees can watch a live demo, ask questions, and share different approaches to tackling the same task. Virtual meeting tools can also be used to divide them into smaller groups for personalized assistance. For example, a top sales rep meets with new employees to expand their product knowledge and offer pitch pointers.

Is your organization ready for virtual meeting software?

Identify gaps in your current L&D strategy

There's probably a specific reason you're implementing virtual meeting software at this point. In most cases, it's because there are L&D vulnerabilities that you need to address. There could also be some general business challenges. It is important to identify these gaps and how you can use virtual conferencing platforms to fill them. This will allow you to narrow your list of essential features and functions and find a virtual meeting tool that suits your use case and online training needs. You're not ready for virtual meeting tools until you've identified opportunities for improvement.

Re-evaluate your business goals and objectives

Another item to check off the list is evaluating your goals and online training goals. These previously mentioned pain points are related to your desired outcomes. But your goals might be out of date or irrelevant. This exacerbates the problem rather than making life easier for your L&D and HR teams. Take a closer look at your objective statements to make sure they match your modern business needs. Then you can choose virtual meeting platforms that will give you the best results.

Take into account the implementation costs

There are even fees for free virtual meeting software. For example, you still need to market your events and develop additional online training tools. It also takes some time to start your virtual meeting platform, which you need to deduct from your payroll. Another expense to consider is team tech training, especially if you are inexperienced with virtual meeting tools. As an example, you need to create tutorials and demos that highlight all the basics. From logging in to requesting a new username and password.

Is It Really the Best Option?

Free isn't always the best. In fact, paid virtual meeting software can help you improve ROI and maximize functionality, as it often offers more features and customization options. While some offer monthly subscriptions, others charge per user. There are even some free solutions that you can use to upgrade for an additional fee. For example, you can record virtual meetings or invite more participants to your live event. It is best to consider all of the costs associated with free and paid systems. Free may not have setup fees associated with it. However, do you need to purchase additional software to fill the technical gaps? Do all upgrades cost more than subscription-based virtual meeting services?


Are you ready to expand your toolbox to fill existing gaps? Whether you choose free or paid, choosing the right virtual meeting software makes all the difference. But where do you start Our free online directory features the best virtual conference platforms for your industry. There are even ratings and reviews to help you get the best value for money. You should also take some test drives to compare your top options and maximize ROI.

What features should you be looking for? How do you create an RFP that gets results? Virtual Meeting Software: Good for the Present, Great for the Future, answers all of your virtual conferencing questions. It even offers tips to qualify vendors and gather relevant information before contacting vendors.


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