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Summer season Exercise Calendar Bundle - The Educators' Spin On It

May 16, 2023
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Get ready for a fun-filled summer with this downloadable Summer Activity Calendar Bundle. Fun and easy summer-themed activities, games, and books for you all summer long for your child. 

Are you ready for the summer with your child at home? With our Summer Activity Calendar Bundle, we’ve done the work so you get to have fun connecting, creating and playing with your kids.

Explore new authors and new games! Sneak in learning to avoid the summer slide, and most importantly, make memories with your child.

Here’s what’s included in this unique summer set for your child.

Summer Activity Calendar Bundle

This summer set includes: 

  • Printable Summer Calendars for June, July, and August
  • Printable Themed Summer Book List 
  • Printable Summer Reading Challenge Checklist 
  • Printable Summer Planner 
  • Summer Virtual Field Trips & Songs with links
  • Printable Summer Virtual Field Trip Log 
  • Printable First Day of Summer Interview 
  • Printable Last Day of School Interview

There are 11 Pages Total in Summer Bundle 

Summer Activity Calendars for June, July and August

Summer Calendars for June, July, and August

Each summer month has been planned out for you to make it easy this summer with the kids home from school or to even get ready for Kindergarten!

  • The weekdays have activities, games, crafts, and book ideas for each day.
  • The weekends have a summer recipe for kids and ideas for weekend outings in your community.

This Summer Bundle includes a downloadable

  • June Calendar
  • July Calendar
  • August Calendar

Each calendar day is linked to a specific activity suggestion that is summer themed and super fun for all ages. This summer bundle is perfect for siblings too.

Themed Summer Book List and Summer Reading Challenge for Kids

20+ Themes Summer Book List

Summer has so many fun things to explore with kids which includes summer-themed books. This printable summer book list has over 20 themes of summer books to enjoy with your child.

Explore fun summer themes through popular children’s books with your child this summer.

Summer Reading Challenge

One of the best things to do in the summer is READ! Have your child keep track of their summer reading with this adorable reading challenge.

Your child can track all the fun locations they can read all summer long on this printable summer reading checklist.

Summer Virtual Field Trip Log for Kids

Summer Virtual Field Trips for Kids and Log

We might wish we could travel all summer long but let’s be honest, there’s sometimes that we’d prefer to be spent at home too for quieter days. These days are perfect to go on a Summer Virtual Field Trip.

With this Summer Activity Calendar Bundle, you’ll get a master list of ideas and links for Summer Virtual Field Trips.

Plus you’ll get a printable virtual field trip log to keep track of your virtual adventures.

Summer Fun Planner

One special thing that comes with this Summer Activity Calendar Bundle is our Summer Planner. You can pick and choose what you’d like to do from the monthly summer calendars to create your own schedule that works for your child and your schedule.

This printable helps you and your child make plans together for your summer fun. 

First Day of Summer Interview

Start by doing this first day of summer vacation interview with your child. A fun keepsake as you encourage your child to plan their summer adventures.  Plus it includes a Last Day of School Interview too.

There are so many fun things included in this summer bundle to do with your child. Plus these summer activity ideas are fun and simple ways to avoid summer slide for your child to keep kids engaged in reading, math, and science over the summer.

Summer Activity Calendars for Kids for June, July, and Augsut. Fun and Easy summer themed activities, games and books for all summer long

Download our Summer Activity Calendar Bundle

What are you planning to do this summer?

We’ve got you covered with this Summer Activity Calendar Bundle. It contains our favorite printables of summer plus many new ones created just for this summer to do with your child.

You can head over here to purchase this summer bundle today and your summer is all planned out!

We’ve planned out for you a super easy and fun summer with your child!

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