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Straightforward Spider Slime Recipe

September 1, 2020
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It takes me 2 minutes to beat up this awesome dish soap slime recipe that feels great, smells amazing, and is great fun to play with! Plus that Spider slime It's so much fun to play with when you stick creepy crawling spiders into the white webs created by the simple slime activities! This is a lot of fun for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten kids, first and second grade kids.

Spider slime

If you're looking for a fun new slime recipe that your kids will flip over, try this Halloween-inspired spider slime recipe that takes 2 minutes to make! This dish soap slime is not a stick and could be our new favorite slime recipe!

Dish soap slime

In a bowl, mix 1/4 cup cornstarch and 1/4 cup dish soap.

Dish soap, cornstarch, glue and Sta Flo slime recipe

Slime spider

Now add a 4 ounce bottle of white glue and mix 1/3 cup of Sta-Flo (liquid starch) well, then knead them together.Slime recipe

Dish soap slime

Now you are ready to play! The slime feels great and is so much fun to play with.

best slime recipe

It flows beautifully from your hands and then sits like silly putty on the surface that it lands on.

silly putty recipe that flows nicely and also absorbs easily

Then just put it in a ball and dab the slime on and it easily picks up again for more fun!

How beautiful is this children's activity

We loved seeing it flow back and forth in lovely sheets. Simply stunning, simply gorgeous!

add more liquid cornstarch if it's too stickyYou can always add more Sta-Flo if it's too sticky, but ours was perfect! This Easy Spider Slime recipe had a nice flow, ended up like silly putty, and was easy to clean up.

We noticed that this slime looked like cobwebs at times and decided to turn it into a fun Halloween slime!

Halloween slime recipe

Halloween slime recipe

The kids had so much fun playing with the slime with these spiders. TIP: Use the extra spiders for fun and hands-on learning activities from our bug unit.Make slime, slime without borax

Isn't it cool how the spiders climb the slime cobwebs?

DIY slime

This is a fun way to make slime using a slime with no borax recipe.

Dish soap slime

And one of the things we love about this amazing slime dish soap recipe is that your hands smell great and are squeaky clean when you're done with the dish soap it contains!

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Spider activities for children

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Favorite activities for children

Looking for more fun ideas for kids? You will love these incredibly fun activities for preschoolers and beyond:

Amazing Dish Soap Slime - this slime recipe is super easy to conjure up and so fun to play with. It scrolls beautifully and when it lands it looks like stupid putty. This slime uses liquid starch to make the BEST slime recipe we've tried. Perfect for kids of all ages from toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and more.

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