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St. Patrick's Three EA Sound Phrases BINGO Phonics Sport

March 8, 2023
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If you are working on learning to read and write, sooner or later you will come accross ea sound words. There are three sounds to ea words – long e, short e, and long a. This fun, hands-on ea words phonics activity gives first graders a chance to practice and review this vowel pattern. Simply print the ea sound Bingo game to play and learn.

ea Sound Words

Some long vowels are a little tricky, and that the “ea” vowel team is one of them. This low prep game is a great way to practice the three sounds of “ea”. Vowel teams can be overwhelming. There are many of them, and they don’t all “act” the sound way. Some make the long sound, some make totally different sounds (like oi in soil), and then a last one makes the short vowel sound. And today, I have a game to work on this special vowel team.

Vowel Printables

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ea words

ea sound

The vowel team “ea” makes a lot of different sounds, and it can be quite confusing to our little ones. So it is important that we provide lots of learning time and activities for this special vowel team.

But first, here are the three sounds that ‘ea” makes.

  • Long e – the most common sound that “ea” makes is the long e sound. We see this in words like meat, beak, dream,
  • Short e – this is the crazy one. Normally, our short vowel sounds are made by closed doors syllables. But in this case, the “ea” actually makes the short e sound. We can see this in words like thread, dread, health, feather, and jealous.
  • Long a – When I was growing up, I learned a saying that said, “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the taking.” Well, this vowel team defies that saying. In this case, the second vowel does the talking. Granted, it isn’t as common, but our kiddos need to know that it does happen. We see it happen in words like great, steak, and break. As a side note, “ear” is often considered a long a sound. If you say tear (I will tear the paper) you will hear the long a sound before the r.

ea words

This game is super low-prep.

  1. First, print off the game board that best fits your student’s needs. The first few have one-syllable words. While the later ones move into two and three-syllable words.
  2. Next, print off the spinner. It can be used for all boards.
  3. Finally, gather up a few supplies. Something to spin. A pencil and paper clip work or a purchased one is an option. Something to cover up the words.

ea words phonics

ea words phonics

This game is similar to other bingo games, with just a little twist.

  1. Player 1 spins the spinner. Whatever the spinner lands on, they need to find a word that makes that sound. If you spin long e, then the player can cover up any word that has the long e sound like beast or cream.
  2. Player 2 spins and does the same thing.
  3. This continues until someone has four in a row.

That is it. It is a simple way to help children practice reading “ea” words and the three sounds that “ea” makes.

Help kids practice discriminating between how the long a sound is spelled in words using these super cute, free printable, Long A Worksheet. Print the vowel coloring pages and have fun working on spelling and phonics with your first grade student.  Practice vowel team   When your first grader student is ready to move on to long vowel sounds, you will love this handy vowel activity. This long a sound words worksheet uses letter tiles for a hands-on long vowel activity  for grade 1. Simply print long a sound words pdf file and you are ready to play and learn! identifying long and short vowel sounds worksheets pdf

Long vowel sounds worksheets

Looking for more practice with the long a sound? Check out these free printables:

Vowel Puzzles FREE Missing Vowels Clip Cards - Help kids fill in the missing letters and practice phonics with Missing Vowels Clip Cards - a fun, hands-on learning activity for prek & kindergartners.

Vowels Printables

looking for more fun vowel activities and resources to make learning to read and spell words fun? Check these out!


Practice the three ea sounds with FREE printable ea sound words BINGO! This phonics game is perfect for first graders for St. Patricks Day.

ea phonic sound

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