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Simple Alphabet Christmas Tree Exercise with ABC Stickers

December 12, 2023
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Christmas Trees and ornaments are items that kids are love! Using their favorites create an Alphabet Christmas tree Activity for Kids.

Create hours of fun this holiday season with letters. Read more on how we created ours.

Alphabet Christmas Tree Game for Kids

Alphabet Christmas Tree Activity

Making a Alphabet Christmas Tree take just a little bit of time but will be a big hit for your child.  It’s the perfect way to focus on letters this holiday season.  With just a few simple supplies you will be all set to play.


This Alphabet Christmas Tree Activity focuses on letter recognition with your child.

Materials for Alphabet Christmas Tree 

  • Alphabet Letters or Letter Tiles
  • Christmas Tree Cut Out
  • Black Marker or Crayon
  • Tray {Optional}

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Alphabet Christmas Tree Activity for Kids from The Educators' Spin On It

Directions for Alphabet Christmas Tree Activity 

1. Grab some green paper and cut out a Christmas Tree Shape. I used two sheets of paper to make it large enough for all the letters to fit.

2. Use a black market to write each of the letters of the alphabet. Decide if you want to focus on upper case or lower case letters with your child.

Alphabet Christmas Tree Activity for Kids from The Educators' Spin On It

3. Decorate the Christmas Tree with ABC Ornaments. Encourage your child to make a match with the Letter tiles and the Christmas Tree letters.

4. To make it more complicated have them use upper case to go with lower case letters on the Christmas tree or the opposite. This will help them learn to recognize both lower and upper case letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet Christmas Tree Activity for Kids from The Educators' Spin On It

5. Once your child has filled up all of the letters, encourage them to mix up the alphabet ornaments and do it again faster!

BIGGER KIDS: For your older child you can change these to sight words for them to spell out or even family names as you have special visitors arrive over the winter break. Be sure to have duplicates of common letters if you expand to spelling things out.

Alphabet Christmas Tree Activity for Kids from The Educators' Spin On It

You will find that they return again and again to play this activity over the holiday season. As they are placing the letters encourage them to talk about the shapes of the letters with sticks, circles and slants to help build letter recognition skills.

They will be so proud each time they are able to match all the letters on the tree to all of the letters from the Alphabet Tiles.

Alphabet Christmas Tree with stickers and glass gems

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