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Secret Santa Presents Beneath $15 for Teenagers and School College students

October 22, 2023
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All these Secret Santa gift items are under $15, which means you can stock up so that when your son or daughter comes home, telling you at the last minute that they need a gift, you’ll already have in the house.

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Secret Santa gifts

1. Supergoop! Play Lip Balm  (Amazon)

You can never go wrong with lip balm as a Secret Santa gift; this one gets great reviews. It has a fruity Acai scent, an SPF of 30, and a super-winning brand name that will appeal to the inner child of anyone.

2. Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese Pizza (Amazon)

taco goat cheese pizza

A wildly-popular card game that is easy to learn, fast and fun to play.

3. Metog Unisex Foldable Ear Warmers (Amazon)

ear warmers

They are the number one rated earmuffs on Amazon and there are so many great colors.

4. Shower Speaker (Amazon)

shower speaker

Lots of great reviews for this speaker. You can listen to it anywhere, shower, beach, pool…no problem for this little guy.

5. Adjustable Cell Phone Stand (Amazon)

phone stand

This adjustable stand can be used with the phone in a vertical or horizontal position and is available in five finishes. This makes it easy to use the phone hands-free.

6. Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Tin — Black Tea with Orange & Sweet Clove (Amazon)

We have recommended this tea to many, and all agree you don’t need dessert with this tea because it’s that delicious by itself.Tea

We have recommended this tea to many, and all agree you don’t need dessert because it’s that delicious by itself.

7. Christmas Mad Libs (Amazon)

Mad Libs

Christmas fun with Mad Libs. Fun for the whole family.

8. Terrycloth Lined Shower Cap (Amazon)

We rarely buy a shower cap for ourselves, but we may use it almost daily. This one is so pretty, too.shower cap

We rarely buy a shower cap for ourselves, but we may use it almost daily. This one is so pretty, too.

9. Left Center Right  (Amazon)

Left Center Right

This game is a Grown and Flown favorite and perfect for anyone on your Secret Santa list.

10. Mario Badescu Facial Sprays (Amazon)

Mario Badescu sprays

Check out this duo of these super-popular facial sprays.

11. Waterproof Holder for Phone (Amazon)

waterproof phone holder

Where would our teens be without their phones, and how many have ruined a phone by dropping it in the water? Here is the solution for safely keeping a phone near a pool, lake, or boat.

12. Burt’s Bees Travel Size Lotions

Burt's Bees travel

We are big fans of Burt’s Bees lotions and cleansers, and this travel-size set includes some best-sellers. This makes a great Secret Santa gift.

13. Socks (note to self) 

notes to self socks

This is one of our favorite brands of socks, and we love the one-word bit of positivity our teens can start their day with when they wear them.

14. 100 Movies Scratch Off Wall Art (Uncommon Goods)

scratch off movie poster How fun is this? It’s a movie “scratch-off” poster. It lists 100 popular movies, and after your teen watches one, they can scratch off the box to learn a little bit of trivia about the movie. Perfect for that film buff on your list.

15. Microwave Popcorn Popper (Amazon)

microwave popcorn popper

I haven’t yet met a teen who doesn’t like popcorn, and this microwave popper is a favorite in our house. And bonus: they can take it to college for that late-night binging session.

16. Magnetic Bookmarks (Amazon)

magnetic book mark

These are great for everyone in the family. You’re not going to lose your place anymore.

17. “Clout” Goggles (Amazon)

clout goggles

You’ll earn major points by suggesting these nifty Clout glasses as a Secret Santa gift. And pro-tip: it’s goggles, not glasses.

18. Make Your Bed (Amazon)

Make your bed

We are big fans of this slender book of advice, and it would be a great Secret Santa gift for ANYONE.

19. Magnetic Paper Towel Holder (Amazon)

paper towel holder

If your recipient is a college student, this magnetic paper towel holder is perfect for adding to a mini-fridge.

20. Journal Pens (Amazon)

Pens for journaling

This set of journal pens is very popular with G&F parents. It would make a fantastic Secret Santa gift, especially for anyone who loves drawing and journaling in multi-color fashion.

21. Traveling Jewelry Case  (Amazon)

mini jewelry box

This petite jewelry case is so well-priced and comes in eight pretty colors.

22. Make Up Brush Set (Amazon)

make up brushes

Getting a new set of makeup tools and pitch old ones is a real treat.

23. Olive & June Nail Art Stickers (Target)

nail art stickers

We love these adorable nail art stickers!

24. Jenga (Amazon)


The one and only Jenga!

25. Socks  (Target)


New socks can make a great gift to replace well-worn ones.

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