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Rain Portray Craft for Creating Prewriting Talent

April 27, 2023
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Try this rain painting craft with your preschool child. The down strokes provide practice for developing good writing habits.

Children are naturally curious about the changes in weather. My preschooler was staring out the car window this afternoon with a million questions about the cloud. Why are there clouds in the sky? How do they get there? Why do they move? And how can they make rain?

This rain painting craft project uses this interest in weather.

Let’s Make Rain is a fun and easy activity to do with your weather unit that is great for early writing.

Let's Make Rain: A Fun and Easy Rain Painting Craft. A great pre-writing activity for Playful Preschool

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Rain Painting Craft : A Pre-writing Activity for Preschool

Objective: Strengthen fine motor muscles and practice downward writing strokes with a crayon.

Materials Needed for Rain Painting Craft

I don’t know what I would do without my paint cups!

Lesson Plan for How to Make Rain with Preschoolers

1. Read a story about rain.

2. Discuss the story and how rain is formed. (Water Cycle)

3. Encourage the preschooler to make rain using short downward strokes with the crayon. The more strokes, the more rain there will be.  We made up our own song to sing while making our raindrops.

The rain falls down, down, down.
Down, down, down.
The rain falls down, down, down.
Onto the ground.

4. Then, dip the paintbrush into the water and paint over the raindrops with a cool color: blues or purples work best.

5. Let dry and display.

*If the child pushes too lightly with the crayon, it will not resist the water color paint.

weather themed prewriting activity for preschoolers with rain writing

Plan Your Weather Themed Learning Week:

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