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Pumpkin Lengthy A Sound Sport with Phonics ey Vowel Group

October 18, 2023
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Let’s dive into a fun ey sounds game for helping kindergarten and first grade students work on this uncommon way to make a long a sound. This free printable phonics game helps students working on long a vowel sound with a cute apple themed game perfect for September or anytime. Simply print the phonics long a sound activity and you are ready to play and learn.

Long A Sound

Today we’re diving into the long a sound. This sound is heard in words like ‘cake’, ‘rain’, and ‘day’. Just remember to open your mouth wide and let the sound flow smoothly. Practice saying these words out loud and listen for the long a vowel sound.  Now “ey” can make two sounds. Most of the time it will make the “long e” sound.  But sometimes, the phonics long a sound is spelled “ey”.  This game is a simple way to practice the words that have “ey” and make the “long a” sound.

Long A Vowel Sound

There are lots of common Ways to Make the “Long A” Sound.

  • ai and ay are vowel teams that make that are very common ways to achieve the “long a” sound. “ai” is used in the middle of words like rain and remain. The “ay” is used at the end of words or syllable such as pray or maybe. 
  • Then of course we could use the magic e, such as adding “e” to cap. Once the “e” is added, the a is not short, it makes the “long a” sound, cape.
  • And lastly, open door syllables, syllables that end with a vowel, will make the “long a” sound. a/gent and ta/bel.

Grab a FREE printable game to practice spelling the long a sound with the phonice ey vowel team! Pumpkin themed activity for kindergarten and first grade!

Less Common Ways To Make The “Long A” Sound

Now let’s explore some less commong ways to make the long a sound. There are a few other ways that your little ones might see Long A sounds in words they are reading.

  • eigh – Words like weight and neighbor have the “long a” sound
  • ea – Though normally “ea” makes the “long e” sound, sometimes it will make the “long a” in words like great and steak.
  • And finally, we have “ey”. Words like prey and obey have the “long a” sound. And today’s game helps your little ones recognize the words that say the “long a” with the “ey”.

Phonics Long A Sound

This game is super low-prep.

  • First print off the game board that you want to use. Also, print off the word list that corresponds with the game board.
  • Next, gather up two different color blocks or laminate the game board and then grab two different color expo markers. You will also need a die.
  • And that is it. You are ready to play the game.

multi-syllable ey words

ey Sounds

To play, the players take turns rolling the dice and reading that number word on the list. They will then do one of the following.

    • Place their block on or circle the empty word.
    • Knock off the block or erase the circle of their opponent, IF there is only one block or circle on that apple
    • Secure the spot by placing a second block or double circle on the pumpkin.
    • Nothing!!! That spot has already been secured (two blocks on or two circles) by either them or their opponent.

Once all pumpkins have been secured the game is over. The person with the most secured pumpkins wins the game. That is how easy it is to practice making the “long a” sound with the “ey”.


multi-syllable ey words

long a sound words

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