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Present Concepts for Mothers Who Homeschool

December 18, 2023
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Gift Ideas for Moms who Homeschool

Are you racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for the superhero homeschool mom in your life? It can be difficult getting great gift ideas for moms … for a few reasons. First off, it can be hard to find a homeschool mom (or any mom, really) who will actually tell you some tangible, specific things that she really wants.

Second, many of us homeschool moms work on, live in, and manage a tight and crazy ship…sometimes the idea of spending more money and/or adding more stuff isn’t really appealing. Lastly—and especially during the holidays—we’re mostly thinking about all the other things that surround the season … not the presents beneath the Christmas tree.

gift ideas for moms - mother and son with gifts by Christmas tree

But you still want to show your appreciation, right? (As is only right.)  So, fear not! I’ve got you covered with this ultimate homeschool mom gift guide with over 30 creative and thoughtful gift ideas for moms!

Some of these gifts are gadgets, self-care items, and productivity tools you can order right now online! There are ideas for the creative homeschool mom, the organized mom, and the mom who is always learning new things. There are also some other ideas sharing creative ways to show your love through quality time and acts of service!

As a homeschool mom myself, every year that I get older I really understand that it really is actually the thought—and thoughtfulness—that counts when it comes to gifts. My goal in creating this guide of gift ideas for moms is to give you some thoughtful and specific ideas that could be a great match for the special—and unique—homeschool mama in your life.

And homeschool mom, if you’re reading this blog post—you can always just give it a little share (or DM it to your husband). 😉

Gift Ideas for Moms of the Organized Mind

Do tightly folded fitted sheets and a neatly written checklist just make your homeschool mom’s soul happy and peaceful? (Or does she aspire to become more organized?) Either way, here are some great gift ideas to give her a boost of energy and a dash of zen—both in her homeschool efforts and in all her other endeavors.

1. Happy Planner: For the mom who loves to plan her empire (aka homeschool and household) with flair, an awesome new organizer is always a great option. Myself and many others I know love the Happy Planner!

2. Yoto Player + Make Your Own Cards: this awesome, kid-safe audio player may seem like a gift for the kids, but it’s definitely a gift for mom too. When you get the Yoto Player + Make Your Own Cards, it gives you the ability to customize your kids’ audio experience—which means you organize it to go along with their homeschool learning! It’s the gift of organization and extra time for mom!

3. Rocketbook Core Smart Notebook: especially if your organizational queen is often on-the-go or juggles work with homeschooling, this high-tech notebook is a perfect and unique gift! You can write on it like a pen and can send your notes directly to digital storage! Great for tech-loving homeschool moms, too.

4. Pretty Stationery: Great gifts are often something a person would linger over at the store, but not necessarily buy herself. Beautiful paper goods or stationery that fits her style is exactly that! You could even find a local artist or designer who can create customized stationery for the homeschool mom in your life.

gift ideas for moms - mother studying book

Best Buys for Bookish Moms:

As a lover of books, this class of gift ideas for moms is near and dear to my own heart! Honestly, most homeschool moms I know do love reading (and opportunities to read). While the books on your homeschool mom’s to-read list may differ from mine, here are a few general suggestions that bookish moms will be excited about!

5. New or Trending Fiction: Does she love fictional reads? Check out some of the top fiction reads of the year and surprise her with a new hardcover that she hasn’t explored yet! Better, yet, scope out her “Want to Read” section on Good Reads if she has an account. (Lessons in Chemistry was one of my personal favorite fictional escapes of the year.)

6. Self-Study Reads: Homeschool moms are lifelong learners. From quantum physics to learning Spanish, get her a self-study book that lets her nerd out about something she’s interested in.

7. A Book (or Audiobook) Subscription: This one is great if you know the homeschool mom in your life loves books, but you’re not sure what she’s already read! A subscription to Audible or Book of the Month will give her a treat to look forward to every month.

gift ideas for moms - mom reading by fire

8. Bookish Apparel: Most bookish folks love to represent their literary favorites with a fashion statement! Check out Etsy for cool shirts, socks, and sweatshirts that feature her favorite novel! Or find something truly unique like these fingerless writing gloves with The Raven poem by Edgar Allen Poe.

9. Noise Canceling Headphones: Because it can be hard to focus on reading when there’s a lot of noise, and most homeschool moms are typically in noisy situations. 

10. A gift card to her favorite bookstore, paired with the promise of a child-free afternoon to use it! (Trust me, she’ll love it.)

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Love Pampering and Relaxation

Every mom deserves pampering, whether it’s little things that make pampering at home easier, or a day out. 

11. A gift card to a nail salon or spa: Because she’s earned every minute of that massage, pedicure, or facial. Remember to consider childcare arrangements so she can go solo!

12. Self-Care Subscription Boxes: Surprise goodies every month? Yes, please! There are so many of these to choose from. Some are perfume or makeup based, and others have a wider range of goodies. 

13. Comfy Loungewear: super soft loungewear that feels like PJs but looks pulled together is a win, anytime.

14. Satin Heatless Hair Roller: This hair tool works amazingly well on wavy or curly hair to create super silky curls. It’s comfy, too, so she can wear it while she relaxes.

15. Tea Subscription Box: This is another way to gift the tea-loving homeschool mom in your life with some moments of peace and relaxation, and a fun surprise, each month!

Support her Creativity!

16. Art supplies: For when she wants to channel her inner Picasso. For me, and most homeschool moms I know, portable and convenient to use is always a good idea. There are some awesome sets on Amazon that have a little bit of everything, like this one!

17.  A gift card for a local class or classes, whether it’s a one-time workshop, or a series of art, dance, or cooking classes. She will love the time to learn something new, be creative, and make friends.

18. A record player: jamming out can inspire creativity! It can be tricky to surprise someone with music in the digital age, but that’s just another reason to love the resurgence of vinyl! Here’s a great vinyl player that also makes a great gift.

19. A book of daily creative prompts can help her get in the habit of doing something creative, every day! I love this one for drawing and doodling. 

Mommy Needs a Minute (Shh!)

It’s easy to get overstimulated as a mom, especially a homeschool mom! We love our kids, but sometimes we just need a quiet moment to regroup our brains. Here are some gift ideas for moms that will help with that!

20. Noise-Canceling Headphones: Yes, I said this already in the book section. But seriously, noise-canceling headphones are awesome for when she needs her own little bubble.

21. Online Courses: From Barre to foreign language studies, let her explore her passions without having to leave the house. All she has to do is sneak away for a few minutes on her phone or laptop. 

22. VR Headset: A VR headset can be an awesome way to give the homeschool mom in your life the chance to create some “me time” even in the middle of a busy home. It’s a great way to workout, be creative, or go on some mental travels. 

23.  Babysitting arrangements or (if you’re the dad) making time in your schedule to take over for an hour or two on a regular basis can be such a gift! Moms have a lot of things to do daily! Maybe she’ll use the time to relax, or to clean or work. Either way, it’ll mean a lot to her not having to juggle so much at once!

gift ideas for moms - mom taking online class

Quality Time: Cherished Moments and Shared Adventures

Quality time is a particularly special set of gift ideas for moms. I mean, it’s a reason many of us are even homeschool moms to start with! Here are some gifts that tap into her love and appreciation for quality time. 

24. Homeschool Family Road Trip: Surprise her with a road trip to a destination she’s been teaching the kids about. Whether it’s a historical site, a natural wonder, or a cultural landmark, this trip is not just a getaway; it’s a living classroom on wheels. Imagine the excitement of exploring Gettysburg after a Civil War unit or visiting a space center after a month of learning all about astronomy!

25. Passes to Local Attractions: These are the golden tickets for spontaneous educational adventures or just a day of homeschool fun. Consider year-long passes to:

  • The local zoo, where biology comes to life.
  • An indoor playground, perfect for those not-so-sunny days.
  • Local museums for hands-on science or history.
  • Art galleries to inspire creativity for all!

It’s not just a day out; it’s an extension of her classroom and her heart for teaching and learning. 

26. Family Time Basket: create a “family night basket” with a family game and/or movie and some fun snacks, too! (Hint: Be sure to pick ones that you know she likes or has especially wanted to play or see!)

Gift Ideas for Moms Who Value Acts of Service

Sometimes, especially when we’re talking about homeschool moms, the most cherished gift ideas for moms are those that lighten the load and speak directly to the heart. Here’s a list of acts of service that say, “I see you, I appreciate you, and I’m here to help.”

27. A Week of Meal Magic: Take over meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for a week. Imagine her delight at having a full week without worrying about what’s for dinner!

Make a cute coupon to go with it and mark it on the calendar to “make it real!”

28. Sparkling Sanctuary: Gift a clean house. Whether it’s sending the homeschool mom out for the day and rolling up your sleeves, or hiring a professional cleaning service. Either way, coming home to a clean space is the best.

29. Home Repair Hero: Tackle some items on the home repair list. Fixing that squeaky door or chipped paint shows your attention to the little things that make her life smoother.

dad doing a fix-it job

30.  Clothing Care: Sometimes new clothes can’t compete with old favorites. That favorite but worn-out garment? Get it mended, altered, and/or dry-cleaned for her. It’s super thoughtful to breathe new life into beloved pieces. And it’s not something they are likely to take the time to do for themselves. The same goes for cleaning and/or resizing jewelry!

31.  Frame the Memories: Frame her favorite unframed art or the kids’ masterpieces. It’s a beautiful way to showcase the memories and creativity that fill her home.

32. Garden Dreams: Help her plan, shop for, and plant the garden she’s been dreaming of. Sometimes it can be difficult to take on a big project like that, especially with young kids. Show her your support for her garden dreams by helping make it happen!

I hope you found the perfect gift for the homeschool mom in your life here in this list of over 30 gift ideas for moms! After making my own list, and hearing from some of the awesome homeschool moms that I know, I really think this list contains many of the ideas and items that we really will use and love!

P.S. If you’ve got any more awesome gift ideas for moms, throw them my way! Let’s make this list the go-to guide for appreciating the homeschool heroes in our lives.

More Gift Ideas for Mom and Others

Katie Gustafson has been a member of the world of “weird, unsocialized homeschoolers” for a long time–first as an alumnus and now as a homeschooling mom to a fiercely fun little girl! She’s very into anything creative, especially writing, dancing, and painting. She’s also particularly passionate about literature and owns more books than she will probably ever be able to read. However, she reassures herself with the belief that, in the event of a digital apocalypse, she’s cultivating a much-needed physical library for future generations. Katie is happy to contribute articles to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, Hip Homeschool Moms and Sparketh. She also has a personal blog on

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