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Pool Noodle Construct a Phrase Towers for Studying to Learn

July 14, 2023
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When children have begun to master the letter names and sounds, it is time to start building simple three letter words.  These pool noodle build  word towers activities are a great way to combine literacy with a little engineering. It is perfect for the child who enjoys learning through movement and play.

Here’s how to play this Pool Noodle Game. 

Pool Noodle Build a Word Towers for Learning to Read: a great way to combine engineering and reading in a hands-on activity for kids.

Pool Noodle Build Word Towers Activities for Learning to Read

Learning Objective: Read simple 3 letter words.

Materials Needed

Click here for directions on how to make the ABC Beads.

How to Play Pool Noodle Word Towers.

1. Say a simple three letter word.

Here are some sample 3 letter words that follow the classic sound patterns to get you started.

  • peg, leg,
  • dig, rig, pig,
  • pan, man, fan, ran,
  • run, sun, fun, bun
  • hop, top, pop, bop
  • bug, rug, dug, hug
  • bit, fit, kit,
  • get, pet, set, met
  • cat, fat, rat, mat

2. Build the word.

3. Knock the word over.

4. Repeat 1-3.

Challenge: See how many towers you can build using the 26 letters in the alphabet. Each letter can be used only once. (hint – it is more than 2 and less than 6 word towers!)

Pool Noodle Word Towers for Summer Fun with Kids


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