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Polar Bear Math Recreation for Youngsters

January 18, 2023
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Counting and learning numbers can be easy and fun for preschoolers! This Polar Bear Math Game adds a little gross motor movement in for Kinesthetic learners and to help keep kids active and moving throughout the day.

This math game can be played in small groups at school or in a home environment.

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Polar Bear Math Game

Set Up time – 5 minutes

Materials Needed for the Polar Bear Math Game

You could use materials other than felt, but make sure to use something that is textured and will not slip when kids jump. We have found that paper does not work as the children can slip and fall.

  • White and black felt pieces
  • Scissors

Directions to Make the Polar Bear Math Game

  1. Cut icebergs out of white felt.
  2. Cut numbers out of the black felt.
  3. Set the icebergs out on level flooring.
  4. Set the numbers on top of the icebergs, with the numbers in order.

Playing the Polar Bear Math Game

Explain to the children that Polar Bears live where it is cold. They will get to pretend to be polar bears – leaping from iceberg to iceberg. The only thing they need to remember is to jump in numerical order or from 1-10.

Alternative Ways to Play this Polar Bear Math Game

  • Encourage them to leap backward from 10-1
  • Let them line the icebergs up in numerical order.
  • Play Iceberg Hop-scotch by throwing a stuffed polar bear to the number and hopping to it.

Polar Bear Biscuits Recipe for Kids

Make these Polar Bear Biscuits for a little more Polar bear fun! Get the Recipe…

Polar Bear Books for Preschoolers:

Connect this math game with a good polar bear book to extend learning. Although there are many to choose from, here are our 3 favorites. When building a collection of books, I try to include at least one non-fiction text and a variety of styles.

Consider purchasing or checking these books out from your local library! Here are a few more of our favorite polar bear books for preschool.

The Three Snow Bears Jan Brett is a favorite author of mine. My children adore listening to her stories and have commented that they are picture books for big kids. The illustrations are amazing in this Arctic version of Goldilocks. Peek at the beautiful images here

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? (Brown Bear and Friends) Is a great picture book for young readers. The repetitive text is highly predictable and preschoolers will soon be helping to read the story. Read more reviews here.

National Geographic Readers: Polar Bears is a scientific text designed for children beginning to read. It is informative for children, but not overwhelming.  Another bonus is that the photographs are amazing! Check out other books in this learn-to-read series.

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Polar Animal Activities for Preschool

Share these polar animal activities on Facebook with your favorite Preschool teacher or Homeschooling Parent! Do them with your kids and HAVE FUN!

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