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Paras: 15 Methods To Help Throughout Distance Studying

September 3, 2020
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This blog originally appeared on Mrs. Ps Specialties.

We all know how important parasites are in the classroom, but what about distance learning? Here are 15 ways you can use your paraprofessional staff to support the classroom program and students during school closings.

Many teachers are asked to use their paras to support their classrooms even though they are not teaching in the classroom. I've combined ideas from myself and our Facebook community group to bring you 15 ways for Paras to support your classroom.

  1. 1. Create videos of science experiments that students can conduct at home with materials often used at home. Easily create lesson plans…. Students can sequence steps, follow instructions, write / draw retelling, etc.
  1. 2. Create personal voice memos or videos for students. This pandemic is severe and can feel lonely. Students love to see their faces and get a personal message!
  1. 3. Make videos of yourself reading a book. Build this into an ELA lesson by giving parents a list of comprehension questions to ask after the video, have students write a retelling or their favorite part of the book, etc.
  1. 4th Have Paras participate in video conferencing that you conduct with students. It is wise to have another adult in the session for protection and to keep them in touch with the students.
  1. 5. Make lists of ideas parents can make at home with students who need hands-on activities instead of online lessons.
  1. 6th Videos of yourself doing a handicraft activity using materials commonly found in the home.
  1. 7th Videos of yourself do that Regulatory zones or calming strategies that students use in the classroom. This is a great visual aid for students and a learning opportunity for families.
  1. 8th. Similarly, Paras can create videos of brain fracture activities that you use in the classroom.
  1. 9. Visualization of the task box for photos. For example, we fold washcloths in one of our task boxes for life skills. Paras can snap photos of the steps we can take when we're back in the classroom as our students are likely to need more support after the pandemic.
  1. 10. Video conferencing with the class to sing along. The employee could also record it and send it to students and families.
  1. 11. Create directional drawing videos on student interests or topic units. For example, the solar system is a class favorite, so one of my Paras made a video where she draws the solar system with step-by-step instructions tailored for my students.
  1. 12. Create videos or photo sequences of parasites doing simple tasks or life skills. For example, sorting laundry or folding towels.
  1. 13. Assign a topic or theme to a Para and let him / her work on finding resources for the different levels of students in the classroom.
  1. 14th Ask questions about the math videos of the day that combine math skills with real-world situations. For example, turn a word problem into a video.
  1. fifteen. Create comprehension or follow-up questions for a resource that you will use in your class. For example comprehension questions for an online book or daily questions about the CNN10 episodes.

I hope this list was useful.

About Pam

Pam has been a special education teacher for over 20 years and has worked in a variety of settings (including self-contained, resource, K-2, and middle school). She believes it is possible to engage students in meaningful activities that are tailored to their needs and levels without affecting your personal and family time. Connect and learn more about Mrs. P's Specials on Instagram, Facebook and her blog, Mrs. P's Specials.

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