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My Nice Scratch and Dent Retailer Visits and Different Essential Issues I Did At the moment

March 26, 2020
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Today I finished my 14-day quarantine after my return from Austria and was able to leave the house for the first time. I was finally able to take care of my tooth, which was a problem for me, but there was talk of our public transport system being canceled and all unnecessary shops closed, which really stressed me out, because how would I get to the dentist? Without buses and how I would do my important shopping, things that I couldn't bring to my home and that my local shops couldn't sell.

So I decided to rent a car from a local person so I could be sure I could go to the dentist and while I had the car I would do some more important shopping. However, since I don't have a car regularly, I like to use it when I have one and use it to the fullest. This means that I would not only go to the grocery and dentist, but also to the scratch and dent shop.

In the two scratch and dent shops I visited today, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

In the first store, I got canned peas and canned peas and carrots that sold for 70 cents a can ($ 1.85 a can or more, how much it usually costs) when you buy it in multiples of four, and I thought it would be something good to have on hand, a simple protein that is stable in storage and does not require preparation for eating, so I have 8.

They also had TVP in three different ways. One is minced meat, one in strips and one in cutlets. This wasn't as cheap as the last time I got TVP, it was $ 1.90 a pack instead of 95 cents, but still a good price, especially for a storage-stable, easy-to-prepare protein. So I bought three packages.

They also had these mint-filled chocolates for $ 1.42 each, when they're usually twice as expensive or higher, and they're some of my favorite treats.

Then I went to another shop and was even more amazed at what I found there.

My kids like soy sauce. I cook a lot with soy sauce, but my kids also often like to add soy sauce to their own plates, and they used my gluten-free and more expensive soy sauce because I have it in the house. I found Kikkoman soy sauce, both normal and low sodium, in this scratch and dent store for $ 1.42 each. They had both smaller bottles (I think 10 ounces) and 15 ounces of bottles for this price, so I made sure to get the bigger bottles. I never buy kikkoman things, although it is better and not filled with the trash that so many other brands contain because the smaller bottles usually cost at least $ 5.75, usually more. This price was so amazing that I bought all the bottles they had in this size. I'm not going to use this in my own kitchen, just so that the kids can complement their own dishes or when I make a gluten-containing Asian dish for the kids.

I also found a large bottle of toasted sesame oil for $ 1.42! These large bottles usually cost $ 4.20 on-site, but I found them in the scratch and dent shop for $ 1.90 and then refilled them (I use them a lot because they taste so Asian dishes lend), but this one bottle for $ 1.42 is the lowest I've ever seen.

But the next item I found knocked my socks off. I don't know how much molasses costs in the US, but it's ridiculously expensive here. A bottle usually costs around $ 12, if you can find it at all! It was great to find a bottle of molasses for $ 1.42. I don't think I've ever seen or expected to find her so cheap in my life.

Last but not least, I bought more sprinkles. That was 95 cents per pack, each pack has four colors, oh, and the best news - no artificial colors or flavors. I bought 6 packages.

I also did a few other purchases, but that wasn't particularly noteworthy. But I paid a visit to a friend who was disappointed and gave me some board games, especially Abalone. Treason at the Baldur Gate, rush hour, riot and love letters. Since we're all stuck at home, it will only be more important to have board games.

And finally, I've picked up some necessary tools to complete other household projects that I'll share when they're done.

And just in time.

Because the complete ban has just been announced. In addition to grocery shopping and medical treatment / procurement, we must not be more than 100 meters from our house. I'm so glad I did all of these things and we are now well equipped to handle the next while. Or at least as best we can.

Have you got any great offers lately? How much do molasses and kikkoman soy sauce cost you? Are you blocked or can it be soon? What preparations have you made for this, if at all?

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