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My Newest Scratch and Dent Retailer Additional Frugal Purchasing Journeys

September 2, 2020
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With everything going on in my life, with summer vacation, c / orona, lots of kids at home, bus problems and a lot more, I didn't go into town much to do my shopping. It helps that I found a local cheap grocery store that delivers home which makes my life easier. But that means I haven't gone to town much and therefore missed out on some ridiculously great deals from scratch.

Well, earlier in the week I was going into town and while I was there I walked into a scratch and dent shop and got some great deals. They had gluten free vegan waffles for 29 cents a pack, at least 1/10 of their usual store price, so I bought 20 of them. They also had small cans of beans in tomato sauce for 29 cents each, at least 1/4 of their standard price so I got 20. In addition, they had milk chocolate bars for 70 cents which is half their price so I bought 8 and the shopkeeper who did the knows me and likes to make me offers, threw in an additional candy bar for free.

I got home and decided to post through this shop. Not the biggest store by far, but I got great deals.
I have to say, however, that I was a little embarrassed to share this post. I mean, pathetically small. Chocolate, beans and waffles only. But I would do it anyway.

And then I had to go back into town for the next few days to run other errands, and this time I went back to the scratch and dent store - including the one I got my previous store from, and another one too.

This time I took another photo of my business and now I finally felt like I had enough to post. And even better deals!

Ok, this next shop is more fun.

Wheat tortillas, packs of 10, for 95 cents each - they usually cost at least two or three times as much. I bought 3 packages.

Toasted sesame oil, standard price is $ 5.75 per large bottle or more, and a minimum of $ 2.85 for a small bottle was $ 2.85 for a large bottle and $ 1.42 for the smaller bottle. So I got the only big one and three small ones. I use this a ton and I love when I can put it up for sale!

Mint chocolates, my kids' all-time favorite after-dinner mint-style chocolate, sold for $ 2.85 when they are typically at least 1.5 times, so I got three.

They had gluten free cookies for $ 1.90 a pack so I got three.

They had chocolate truffles for $ 1.90 a pack, so I got three.

They had canned goods for 71 cents each when you get them in sets of 4. Most of their canned foods were shredded tomatoes that I don't usually buy (my kids don't mind tomato paste, but at least two of my kids don't like the texture of cooked tomatoes unless they are mixed) but they had a large can of fruit cocktail, a large one Can of peaches and a can of chilled black beans. Even if I only got these three it would be worth it to pay $ 2.85, but since they didn't have any other cans I wanted, I only took one can of tomatoes for the fourth which made me feel like that i would get this for free.

And then I went back to the shop that I had visited a few days earlier (see first picture).

And the milk chocolate bars, which already had a good price, got even lower! 29 cents for a bar of milk chocolate! At the previous price, which was already good, I only bought 8 and my children asked me why so few. So I thought I was going to get 20 of these. But then the shopkeeper said he had new stock and was trying to get rid of the old ones and he has nothing left but what is displayed so I decided to stock up because I didn't know the next time I would do everything like that can get cheap. I chose a round number and got 50. Yes, fifty bars of chocolate for only $ 14.28! My children are absolutely thrilled!

Then there were those cheese balls. They weren't as cheap as I usually wanted to pay for snacks - they weren't expensive either, but since the packages were small and cost 95 cents each, I wouldn't get them at first.
And then I looked at the ingredients and found they had good, healthy ingredients, no fillers, no carbohydrates - it's just cheese sachets, pure protein, and I figured it was worth the price. So I got 9 of these.

And finally, since it was a hot day and they had drinks for 95 cents each, cheaper than they usually cost, I decided to buy a few.

Anyway, I'm really excited about this shop and hope you can see why. I plan to do more purchases in the scratch and dents store now that I go to town for more errands, and hope to get even cheaper items.

Do you have scratch and dent shops on site? Have you had any great deals lately? Or do you have great offers in the supermarket or on the reduced shelf on site?

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