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Mighty 5 Digital Subject Journey for Children: Utah’s Nationwide Parks

March 9, 2023
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Do you want to learn about the Mighty 5 National Parks in Utah? Let’s go on a virtual adventure with this Mighty 5 Virtual Field Trip for Kids!

Explore with kid friendly videos and fun facts about Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks.

Utah’s Might 5 National Parks Virtual Tours

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Mighty 5 Virtual Field Trip for Kids

Did you know that there are five amazing national parks located in Utah?

Let’s go on a trip to Utah’s famous national parks, well a virtual trip.

I created for you this helpful video playlist of Utah’s Might Five National Parks! It’s a virtual field trip for kids (and adults too) of all five National Parks in Utah.

Are you ready to explore these geologic wonders?

Utah is home to five incredible National Parks, known as the Mighty Five. They include:

  • Arches National Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Canyonlands National Park
  • Capitol Reef National Park
  • Zion National Park

Southern Utah’s national parks are admired for their dramatic rock formations. These parks contain some of the most thrilling hiking trails and iconic landscapes in the United States.

This Utah national parks road trip (referred to as the Mighty 5 road trip) is not only iconic but is often considered one of the most scenic drives in the entire world.

FUN FACT: Four of the five national parks are certified International “Dark Sky” Parks, which means that you can stargaze beneath the Milky Way. Take a peek at this nighy sky timelapse video.

Utah’s National Parks are all a part of the Colorado Plateau. In fact in the Colorado Plateau region, there are nine national parks: Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Arches, Petrified Forest, Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

You can learn more about these additional National Parks here in our Virtual Field Trips for Kids.

Delicate Arch at Arches National Park

Arches National Park – Moab, UT

Arches National Park is one of the top national parks in America: it’s a 73,234-acre wonderland of eroded sandstone fins, towers, ribs, gargoyles, hoodoos, balanced rocks, and, of course, arches northwest of Moab.

Over millions of years the natural sandstone has been worn down by erosion, creating arches. There are more than 2,000 stunning rock arches in this arid desert environment.

Arches National Park Virtual Field Trips

Download and Print the Arches Junior Ranger Guide

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park – Bryce, UT

An alpine forest with as many red rock hoodoos as trees. At dawn and dusk, mule deer graze the forested plateau along the road into Bryce Canyon. Formed by erosion, the tall, colorful sandstone hoodoos rise like chimneys out of the rugged landscape consisting of 35,835 acres.

The iconic landmark is the beautiful views from the rim of Bryce’s amphitheater. You can hike along the rim trail to Sunset Point and descend into a maze of pink hoodoos, spires and rock windows.

Bryce Canyon National Park Virtual Field Trips

Download and Print the Bryce Canyon Junior Ranger Guide

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park- Moab, UT

Canyonlands is home to many different types of travel experiences, from sublime solitude in the more remote stretches of the park to moderate hikes through the Needles district to the opportunity to create your own version of one of the West’s most photographed landforms, Mesa Arch.

The Colorado River and Green River, one of Utah’s Mighty Five, have helped to shape the distinctive canyons, buttes, and mesas. It has 4 districts over a span of 257,640 acres.

Canyonlands National Park Virtual Field Trips

Download and Print Canyonlands Junior Ranger Guide

Grand Wash Trail Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park- Torrey, UT

Made up for 241,900 acres Capitol Reef National Park’s you can explore the expansiveness, of broad, sweeping vistas, of a tortured, twisted, seemingly endless landscape, or of limitless sky and desert rock.

This park follows a Waterpocket Fold—an incredible 100-mile wrinkle in the Earth’s surface. This geological feature is known as a monocline, which creates a dramatic step-like landscape of sheer cliffs and canyons that give Capitol Reef its angled look.

Capitol Reef National Park Virtual Field Trips

Download and Print Capitol Reef Junior Ranger Activity Guide

Zion National Park Virtual Field Trip

Zion National Park – Springdale, UT

Whether you are trying to catch your breath while climbing the trail to Angel’s Landing or watching the shadows constantly change the mood of the Court of the Patriarchs, Zion National Park is always ready to quench your appetite for outdoor wonder.

The Zion National park preserves 146,600 acres of epic red rock formations, 2,000-foot sandstone cliffs, and a labyrinth of naturally carved and brilliantly colored canyons.

Zion National Park Virtual Field Trips

Download and Print Zion Junior Ranger Guide

Dinosaur Tracks Near Utah’s Mighty 5 Parks

The Mighty 5 Virtual Field Trips for Kids to Utah's National Parks

Native American History in Southern Utah

The modern-day tribes in Utah are Ute, Goshute, Paiute, Navajo (Dine), and Shoshone. Utah is home to approximately 60,000 Native Americans, representing more than 50 Tribal Nations, with eight being federally recognized. Many artifacts and archeological sites can been seen from this tribes in the Mighty 5 National parks exhibits and hikes.

Each tribe has its own unique heritage that can be found among the state’s many dwelling sites, petroglyph and pictograph panels, and museum exhibits.

Here’s a few videos that highlight these Native American collections.

“Today, these people continue to live on the lands of their ancestors and invite visitors who visit with respect.” – Visit Utah

Childrens Books about The Mighty 5 National Parks

One fun way to go on a Mighty 5 Virtual Field Trip is to read about this amazing locations in Utah. Here’s a collection of books for kids that highlight fun facts about each of Utah’s 5 National Parks. Plus a few about our National Park Service too!

The Mighty 5 Road Trip (Virtual)

If you’re planning a trip out to explore these amazing National Parks you can use this guide to plan your Utah Mighty 5 Road Trip Itinerary! This video shares some tips for how to travel one park each day!

Utah 7 Day Road Trip: 5 National Parks, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend & More | Through My Lens

Here are some fun T-shirts for your very own Mighty 5 Soveneir once you’ve completed your Virtual Field Trip of Utah’s National Parks!

Printable Mighty 5 Virtual Field Trip Log

Looking for ways to expand the virtual tour? Try this activity…

You can keep a log of all of your adventures in Utah’s National Parks with this Virtual Field Trip Log. Which park will you explore first?

Virtual Field Trip Log for Kids Printable on wooden floor with pencil, toy spaceship and globe.


Utah’s National Park: The Mighty 5

WOW! Can you believe how many amazing things are located in Utah’s National Parks? You went on a virtual field trip to Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, Arches National Parks. I hope you get a chance to travel to Utah to visit these locations in person one day soon.

Which was your favorite park to explore virtually?

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