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Life In The Time of COVID-19

March 26, 2020
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This morning I woke to the knowledge, as familiar as it may seem, to accept your mortality at the age of 36, or until about last year I thought I wasn't that old. This is just one of the things that I have often ignored. The days go by and you just have the feeling that there is still a lot of time ... Until the unexpected happens. You have to look afterwards that this could probably be your last day. That was what the COVID-19 lock had brought us to our dim ends!

Life in the time of COVID-19 lockdown

I had dreams and imagined that I would be old, wrinkled, and probably surrounded by my child's children. I know it's desirable. Some of you may think it is frivolous! I have always dreamed of a life in which we are surrounded by our loved ones. Until the unexpected happens. You think this could probably be your last day! This could be the day you will succumb to loneliness because social distancing is the new "socially acceptable" thing!

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That is the thing with life. It is fragile and I wish there was a mandatory warning that popped up every year - as a birthday message from God that said "Treat with care". Life is unpredictable and every day is a gift.

It makes sense now!

I have a lot of time for myself now or maybe not. At least I don't run around chasing appointments. Time is slimmer than I thought. The days are long and so is my train of thought. It's in the middle of the night when these random things appear the most in my head!

I am not sure when we will actually find a way to combat coronavirus COVID-19 blocking

I'm not sure if this virus will go away just 10 or 20 years later. A more lethal version leads to mass extinction X 5! I don't know if we'll ever get off fearlessly and trust each other. I am not sure if we will ever shake hands or embrace those we have loved and met after a long, long time. I'm not sure if I'll get out at 36 and meet my girls and have a drink while we rest our arms comfortably on the high tables. When one of us coughs or sneezes, we never have to look at each other with suspicion. I am not sure whether our children will be brought to school without the disinfectants and hand disinfectants that are always in the pockets of their school bags ... those bags that were once empty or filled with the excitement of colorful treats.

I am not sure if we will complain to people in a year about how terrible work is or how hard it is to exercise.

What I hope, however, is to see and hear something stunningly different when I'm 36 (if I survive) ... natural music from chirping birds ... nobody rushes to any point ... people cuddling their pets ... and talking to their parents and friends (they are in no hurry to end the call) ... make journeys that rejuvenate - those who take them straight to their hearts and minds ... not living to work but working just enough to hold back ... to eat all the fresh products and enjoy this meal - without interruption!

There is a lot of gratitude and motivation to keep life afloat, how disproportionate or affected it can appear to the naked eye.

We could just hang up our phones and open our hearts, eyes and ears to welcome the change.

I want you to think that this could probably be your last day! Have the courage to change ... whatever folds and unfolds ...

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