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Learn Your World: Discover and Promote Variety in Youngsters’s Books

January 24, 2024
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Join the annual celebration of Multicultural Children’s Book Day where diverse book recommendations are shared to promote inclusivity and understanding among young readers. This Read Your World event emphasizes the importance of raising awareness about diverse literature and involves book reviews and activities to celebrate multicultural stories for children.

Read Your World: Diverse Children’s Book Reviews 2024

Since 2014 we’ve been joining each year with you to celebrate Multicultural Children’s Book Day! Each year we share our top picks of diverse children’s books for your child or classroom.

One of the main reasons we love participating is to explore and promote diversity in children’s literature. Families and teachers need to continue to focus on raising awareness about the importance of diverse books and providing children with access to stories that reflect various cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

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Multicultural Children’s Book Day involves book readings, reviews, and activities to celebrate multicultural literature for young readers. Will you join us?

Are you ready to explore and learn about the latest diverse books for kids?

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of these books to review as part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day. All opinions expressed are my own. Follow along at #readyourworld. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Read Your World: Book Reviews

Here’s our list of the new books we reviewed to read your world with your child…

Challenge Yourself

Read Your World: Diverse Children’s Book Reviews 2024

Dum Dum Dum Bogi by Peniel Prabakaran

This bilingual book is a charming exploration of family traditions and cultural celebrations. The story revolves around Theo and his family’s unique perspective on Bōgi, as they gather for a bedtime story with their appā (father). The narrative unfolds as appā shares his childhood experiences of celebrating Bōgi and imparts the meaning of this cultural occasion to the curious ears of his little ones.

Dum Dum Dum Bōgi is a delightful and inclusive story that not only educates young readers about a cultural celebration but also encourages them to appreciate the beauty of diversity and the ways in which families come together to create their own meaningful traditions. It’s a heartwarming journey that captures the essence of familial love and the richness of cultural heritage.

Published by Kelir Books

Food for the Future by Mia Wenjen

Food for the Future by Mia Wenjen

This unique book takes young readers on an engaging and educational tour of eco-friendly farms worldwide. Through rhyming text and captivating illustrations, the book explores various sustainable farming practices, from urban gardens to farms under the sea. Wenjen skillfully introduces readers to the rich tapestry of ways people have been growing food for centuries and highlights innovative solutions that combat the impact of climate change on farming.

The inclusion of inset boxes with definitions for new vocabulary words enhances the accessibility of the topic for young learners, making it an enriching and educational experience. The rhyming text adds a playful and rhythmic element to the narrative, making it enjoyable for children while they absorb valuable information about sustainable farming practices.

The book showcases the diversity of eco-friendly farms and emphasizes the importance of these practices in addressing the challenges posed by climate change. Wenjen’s exploration of new innovations provides a forward-looking perspective, inspiring young readers to consider the role they can play in shaping a more sustainable future.

We enjoyed the information shared in the end matter of the book. It includes detailed information about each country’s farming practices, sustainable farming, and more.

Food for the Future introduces young readers to the world of sustainable farming, fostering environmental awareness, and inspiring a sense of responsibility toward the future of our planet. Wenjen’s book is a delightful journey that encourages curiosity and appreciation for the diverse ways in which people nourish the world.

Published by Barefoot Books
Visit the Author at Mia Wenjen

From My Window by Otávio Júnior

From My Window by Otávio Júnior

From My Window by Otávio Júnior provides a poignant and vivid glimpse into the daily life of children in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Through unique and colorful illustrations, the book celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of urban community living, skillfully juxtaposing brick buildings with lush jungle plants. This picture book offers a heartfelt and authentic perspective on the world seen through the eyes of young residents, creating a captivating and insightful narrative.

Published by Barefoot Books

Visit the author at Otávio Júnior

I Have Cerebral Palsy by Matt Beth Springer

I Have Cerebral Palsy by Marie Beth Springer

This is a touching and empowering book that celebrates diversity and encourages conversations about disability. It serves as an excellent resource for children, educators, and parents alike, fostering a positive and inclusive mindset. Springer’s book is not only an opportunity for readers to learn about cerebral palsy but also a catalyst for building a more compassionate and understanding society.

I Have Cerebral Palsy by Marie Beth Springer is a heartfelt and informative book that introduces readers to Sydney, a remarkable girl with a zest for life despite living with cerebral palsy. The narrative offers a firsthand account of Sydney’s experiences, emphasizing that, like any other child, she enjoys riding her bike, playing baseball, and spending time with friends. Her story becomes a powerful tool to help other children feel more comfortable around people with disabilities, fostering empathy and inclusivity.

Published by Star Bright Books

The Adventure of the Flying Letters by Marie J. Arthus

The Adventure of the Flying Letters by Marie Josée Cerin Arthus

This Alphabet book is a delightful and imaginative journey through the vibrant landscape of Haiti. On a beautiful morning, the 26 letters of the alphabet embark on an enchanting adventure across the country, each letter on a quest to find objects, animals, or plants that begin with their respective letter.

As the letters make amazing discoveries during their journey, readers are introduced to the rich cultural and natural heritage of Haiti. The inclusion of specific locations and landmarks adds a layer of authenticity to the narrative, offering readers a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of the country.

The Adventure of the Flying Letters is a charming exploration of language, geography, and the joy of discovery. It not only entertains but also educates, making it an ideal choice for parents and educators seeking a well-rounded and culturally enriching book for children.

The Elemental Horses - The Jade Emperor's Court by Diana Huang

The Elemental Horses – The Jade Emperor’s Court by Diana Huang

The story revolves around Chang, who receives an urgent call for help, prompting him to embark on a solo journey across the ocean to offer aid. The narrative promises exciting adventures as Chang encounters various characters and experiences in the mythological world of the Jade Emperor.

As the fifth book in the Elemental Horses series, it introduces the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac within the context of a unique carousel. The illustrations are colorful and inviting. Readers can anticipate a blend of mythology, adventure, and cultural exploration.

Visit the Author at Diana Huang

The Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac by Vivian Ling & Wang Peng

The Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac by Vivian Ling & Wang Peng

The Twelve Animals of the Chinese Zodiac by Vivian Ling and Wang Peng is a delightful bilingual children’s book that brings to life the enchanting tales of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. Drawing from popular stories in China, Ling and Peng have masterfully retold and adapted these folktales, making them accessible to young readers worldwide.

The book explores timeless themes through its twelve engaging stories, each centered around one of the zodiac animals. What sets this collection apart is its ability to convey moral dilemmas in a way that young readers can easily understand. The stories present gentle lessons that children can discover for themselves, making the book not only entertaining but also educational.

Published by Tuttle Publishing

Shanti and the Knot of Protection by Amita Roy Shah

Shanti and the Knot of Protection by Amita Roy Shah

Shanti and the Knot of Protection: A Rakhi Story is a beautiful children’s picture book that helps all children understand why and how Rakhi is celebrated. This story ties in with historical tales about the origins of Rakhi—from a queen centuries ago who needed protection from a neighboring king, to modern times where it is celebrated by siblings that are brothers and sisters, siblings that are both girls or both boys, children without siblings, and even cousins and friends!

Visit the Author at Dr. Amita Roy Shah

Until the Blueberries Grow by Jennifer Wolf Kam

Until the Blueberries Grow by Jennifer Wolf Kam

Until the blueberries grow . . . until the grapes are ripe . . . until the snow falls . . . until the flowers bloom . . . Ben tries to convince his great-grandfather to stay in his house just a little longer as the two celebrate a yearly cycle of Jewish holidays together.

Until the Blueberries Grow” is a beautifully crafted story that not only celebrates the love between generations but also highlights the importance of tradition, observance, and the cyclical nature of life. It’s a touching exploration of familial bonds and the ways in which we navigate change while cherishing the connections that make life meaningful.

Published by PJ Library
Visit the Author at Jennifer Wolf Kam

When You Open a Book by Caroline Derlatka

When You Open a Book by Caroline Derlatka

This book takes you on a captivating journey into the enchanting realms of imagination, beautifully captured through the lens of vibrant storytelling and stunning illustrations. The book invites readers to embark on a magical adventure, where two children engage in whimsical encounters with mermaids, pirates, and giants, all within the pages of a book.

When You Open a Book is a grand adventure of reading, celebrating the joy of exploration and discovery that comes with each turn of the page. It’s a delightful and visually stunning addition to the world of children’s literature, inspiring young minds to embrace the magic that lies within the covers of a book.

Published by Bushel and Peck Books
Visit the Author at Caroline Derlatka

Multicultural Children's Book Day Book Reviewer

Do you have a top pick of diverse books you’d recommend? Share below in the comments or in our linky party!

Diverse Books for Kids

Diversity in children’s literature is crucial as it reflects the real-world experiences of children from various backgrounds. Exposure to diverse characters and stories helps promote inclusivity, empathy, and understanding among young readers. It broadens perspectives, challenges stereotypes, and fosters a sense of belonging for children of all races, ethnicities, genders, and abilities. Overall, diverse children’s literature contributes to creating a more tolerant and open-minded generation.

Are you ready to build a diverse bookshelf?

Top Book Recommendations for Diverse Books for Kids

Categories on Amazon Children’s Books

One big change I’m noticing is that websites are now sharing a broader spectrum of categories to look for books with. Here are a few I found when searching on Amazon which I found helpful.

What book categories would you add to the list?

Want to explore more books filled with diversity? Explore these children’s books we’ve reviewed and shared activities for with your child today!

What is Multicultural Children’s Book Day?

Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2024 (1/25/24) is in its 11th year! Valarie Budayr and Mia Wenjen founded this non-profit children’s literacy initiative; they are two diverse book-loving moms who saw a need to shine the spotlight on all of the multicultural diverse books and authors on the market while also working to get those books into the hands of young readers and educators.

Read Your World’s mission is to raise awareness of the need to include kids’ books celebrating diversity in homes and school bookshelves. Read about our Mission and history HERE.

Read Your World! Hosted by Multicultural Children's Book Day annual event.

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