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June Actions for Youngsters {Free Summer time Exercise Calendar}

May 26, 2023
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Looking for summer ideas? Kick off the summer with this fun collection of June activities for kids. Plus we’ve included a free June activity calendar!

Let’s have some fun this summer… a sneak in a little learning too.

June Activities for Kids

  • Ocean Activities for Kids
  • Seashell Activities
  • Summer STEM Activities
  • Water Activities for Kids
  • Father’s Day Crafts
  • Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids
  • Summer Learning Ideas
  • June Books for Kids

The kids are getting out of school and ready to head into their summer break from school.

The common questions I see parents ask are:

  • what to do with my kids during the summer
  • how to avoid hearing “I’m bored” this summer
  • what are fun ways to “sneak in” learning during summer vacation

The good news is that I’ve put together a large collection of summer activities for you and your child to pick and choose form below in this June Activities Guide.

Plus you can download a free June Activity Calendar.

Are you ready for summer break? Let’s get started with these fun and easy summer activities.

June Activities Kids. A month long guide packed full of fun summer activities for your child

June Activities for Kids

Get started by exploring these Summer Virtual Field Trips for Kids! Explore the ocean, amusement parks, outdoor adventures, watermelon farms, and more with these kid friendly summer virtual tours.

Finding Sharks Teeth

A House for Hermit Crab Activities

20 Shark Themes Activities for Kids featured at The Educators' Spin On It for Shark Week

Ocean Activities for Kids

The first thing that comes to mind for summer fun is heading to the Ocean.

  • Create Watercolor Puppets of Coral Reef Animals which includes a movement game.
  • Get outdoors to with tips for Finding Shark Teeth with Kids or visit your local Aquarium.
  • You can explore these Shark Themed Activities and books!
  • Time for a little art with this easy to do Sand Art Project.
  • Take a virtual tour of the ocean and make a summer field trip log.
  • Get counting with this fish themed math game OR make your own fish art!
  • Enjoy these adorable Ocean Books for daily summer reading.

Sea Shell Craft and MORE Ocean Themed Playdate Activities

Summer Sight Words with Sea Shells

sight words written in sand by copying sight word on seashell

Seashell Activities

  • Grab a plate and make this Watercolor Sea Shell Art Project
  • Explore these Shell Themed Learning Activities, including how to make Rainbow Shells.
  • You can also make your own Mermaid Necklace.
  • Use your seashells for a quick Words in the Sand Game
  • Practice all summer long with these Sea Shell Sight Words
  • Get excited about learning your ABC’s with a Sea Shell Alphabet Game

DIY Thermometer: A fun STEM Activity for Kids

Newspaper structure built with kids

A science experiment with Density and Matter for Kids

Summer STEM Activities

  • Kick of your summer fun with The Best Summer Science Experiments for Kids
  • Explore water with a creative Sink or Float Experiment.
  • As sun warms up the earth, build your own DIY Thermometer to see the changes.
  • Test your building skills with this Newspaper Engineering Challenge. 
  • Observe how different substances can vary with these Density Science Experiments.
  • Get ready for snacktime with this Edible Sedimentary Rock Cycle Activity.
  • Here’s our Step by Step instructions for Kids for How to Make your Own Ice Cream.
  • Get creative making these DIY Instruments for Exploring Music this Summer
  • Take advantage of the hot sun rays with these Solar Science Experiments.
  • Explore the elements of the season by making Summer Sensory Bottles.
  • Explore our favorite STEM Activities.

Water Table with Toys for Preschoolers and Toddler for summer fun

20 Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

Drip drip drop outdoor water game

Water Activities for Kids

  • Get ready for water fun with the Drip Drip Drop Water Game.
  • Grab a big container or blow-up pool for this playful Water Table Activities and Themes.
  • Feeling hot? Try this sensory experience of Water Beads on Ice.
  • Focus on math, reading, letters and more with these 20 Pool Noodle Activities for Kids
  • Can you Build a Word Tower with Pool Noodles?
  • Let the games begin with our Pool Noodle Sight Word Boat Races 
  • Work on learning alphabetical order with Giant ABC Beads with Pool Noodles 
  • Get a little water fun using this Pool Noodle Boat Matching Game 
  • Kick off summer fun making this Pool Noodle ABC Basket 
  • Experience hands on summer math with our Base Ten Basket with Pool Noodles
  • Race through this Pool Noodle Alphabet Order Obstacle Course 

As summer kicks off here’s a quick reminder about why we believe that every child should take swim lessons.

Easy Father's Day Craft for Kids

Father's Day Poem for Kids to Make

Father's Day T-Shirt with Dinosaurs

Father’s Day Crafts

  • Want a special art project for Dad? Try this Easy Father’s Day Craft
  • It’s all about Dad with these adorable Father’s Day Books for Kids
  • Heart felt gifts are the best! Write your own Easy DIY Father’s Day Poem
  • Dress to match with a Father’s Day Dinosaur T-Shirt Project

Children holding sidewalk chalk to play learning activities

Backyard Activities for Kids

Large Purple Ball with hot pink stripes on grass with ball games for kids featured

Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

  • Grab a box of chalk for The Ultimate List of Sidewalk Chalk Activities
  • It’s time to head outside! Here are 15 Fun ways for Kids to Spend More Time Outside
  • Summer is for big dream, here’s how to focus on Building Your Child’s Imagination Outside
  • It’s the person season to take the kids. Here are Blueberry picking tips and recipes for kids
  • Too much time inside? Try these 10 Ways to Tempt Your Kids to Go Outside and Play
  • This the ultimate list of Top Activities for Outdoor Fun for Kids

Muffin Tin Camping Theme Reading Game, a fun way to practice syllable counting and begining sounds. Great for preschool and kindergarten literacy centers

Summer Spelling Program for Kids

Summer Math Activities for kids

Summer Learning Ideas

  • Pick some books from the Ultimate Summer Book List.
  • Play this Muffin Tin Camping Game to work on reading skills.
  • Want a little extra spelling practice. Try this summer spelling app.
  • Keep your math skills sharp with these 10 Fun Summer Math Activities.
  • Too much time on the devices? Try these Screen Free Activities for Kids During the Summer
  • Looking for a new toy? Try these Top 10 Summer Toys to Keep Your Kids Thinking
  • Finding them sitting around all day? Try these Helpful Tips for Staying Active at Home this Summer

First Day of Summer Vacation Interview for Kids with download

Quote about Summertime with Kids

Summer Bucket List Planner

Summer Activity Ideas for Kids

  • First Day of Summer Vacation Interview (printable)
  • Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids (printable)
  • Want to make this the best summer? Try these Tips for Making Summer Memories with Your Kids
  • Finding the kids a little grumpy from too much screen time? Screen Free Activities for Summer Fun
  • Get even more summer ideas with these Tips for Planning Summer Activities with Pinterest
  • Take a Rainforest Virtual Field Trip
  • Take a Virtual Field Trip

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

June Books for Kids

June Books for Kids

My Awesome Summer by P. Mantis by Paul Meisel

And Then Comes Summer by Tom Brenner

The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing

Summer Is for Cousins by Rajani LaRocca

Summer Vacation, Here I Come! by D.J. Steinberg

Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson

How to Catch a Daddysaurus by Alice Walstead

Girl Dad by Sean Williams

My Dad Is Amazing! by Sabrina Moyle

Dad by My Side by Soosh

Made for Me by Zack Bush

My Dad Loves Me! by Marianne Richmond

Curious George Goes Swimming by H. A. Rey

Dino-Swimming by Lisa Wheeler

Jabari Jumps by Gaia Cornwall

Rosie the Dragon and Charlie Make Waves by Lauren H. Kerstein

1, 2, 3, Jump! by Lisl H. Detlefsen

Cannonball by Sacha Cotter

Over and Under the Waves by Kate Messner

Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae

Ocean! Waves for All by Stacy McAnulty

Swashby and the Sea by Beth Ferry

A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle

Shark Lady by Jess Keating

The Juneteenth Story: Celebrating the End of Slavery in the United States by Alliah L. Agostini

The History of Juneteenth by Arlisha Norwood PhD

Juneteenth: A Children’s Story by Opal Lee

The best collection of summer books for kids.

Ocean Books for Kids

Shark Books for Kids

Want more book suggestions? Explore our ultimate list of summer books for kids!

June Activities Kids. A month long guide packed full of fun summer activities for your child

Activities to do with Kids in June

You’ve made it to summer break with your child! We’ve done the planning for you so you can enjoy this time together. It’s been quite a school year and now it’s time to kick back and just enjoy the simplicity of childhood.

These June Activities will keep your child from getting bored and will help them make special summer memories with you. Which summer activity will you do first?

Download our June Activity Calendar

June Calendar for Kids with Fun Activities


Did you see our Ultimate Summer Activity Bundle? Grab it here.

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