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In search of Fall with Children with Fall Journal and Statement Sheet

September 7, 2023
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Encourage your child to explore the changes this fall with a fall journal and fall observation sheet. What changes will they discover as you head outside and look for fall?

Exploring Fall with Kids from the Educators' Spin On It

Grab your camera and off we go!

A new season is starting to sneak up on us… you can almost see signs of Fall. Even down here in the South too!

Teaching Your Child to Observe Nature This Fall

Teaching our children to become observers is important and fun. We’re going on a walk around our neighborhood to see if we can spot signs of Fall.

Have you seen it yet in your neighborhood?

Or perhaps on your way to school?

Fall Leaves Virtual Field Trips for Kids

Observing Signs of Fall with Kids

Here are some fall terms they should be noticing and discussing with you as you explore your local parks and neighborhood.

  • Trees are changing colors
  • Acorns are falling
  • Trees are forming seeds
  • Mums are growing in the garden
  • It’s cooler in the morning
  • Pumpkins are in the stores
  • It’s getting darker sooner
  • Squirrels are searching for acorns

Take a fall virtual field trip to see some of the prettiest fall colors in these videos.

Create a Fall Observation Sheet

Take your child on a nature walk and see what they can discover. If at all possible let your child document these changes with a camera or even better on their Fall Observation Sheet. 

Print your Fall Observation Sheet here

As you observe things over a period of a few weeks, have them record the changes they see in their Fall Journal.

chalk activity with leaves for kids

Here are a few things we discovered on our walks after school this week as we welcomed fall.

We found acorns falling from our trees, mushrooms growing everywhere, pumpkins on porches and we even saw a monarch butterfly as they migrate south for the winter months.

Create a Fall Journal with Kids

Later in the week we would come home and write in a Fall Journal what we observed. Observation is a great skill to use.

When creating your own Fall Journal, have them illustrate it first, it will be fresh on their mind and in the camera for reference.

Sensory Play with Pumpkins and Water

Then they can write about what they saw. Be sure to encourage them to include details.

They can use the word bank to pull fall vocabulary words.

Go out a few days later and observe with them if things have changed Print your fall journal here.

More Fall Journal Ideas:

  • Make a fall collage out of pictures from magazines or real objects
  • Glue the discoveries you find onto a page and then attach the words.
  • Younger children doing this activity can cut out and add fall words to their pictures.
  • Practice finding the beginning sounds of spring objects they draw.

Print the Observation Sheet, Fall Journal and Fall Words

Printable Fall Journal for Kids

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Fall Journal for Kids. A printable activity to encourage observation skills as your child looks for signs of fall and tracks in their fall journal.

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