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Ice Cream Themed Class Mission for Finish of College 12 months

May 26, 2023
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Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year with your child’s class? This ice cream themed class project for end of school year is sure to be a big hit! So easy to make and a fun keepsake to take home and celebrate their friends at school.

We are sharing a fun way to remember your child’s classmates and make your end of the school year ice cream party extra special.

End of School year Keepsake Ice Cream Theme from The Educators' Spin On It

Ice Cream Themed Class Project for End Of Year

Let’s have fun with your class and create an ice cream treat! It take just a few supplies but the end result is priceless!

Supplies Needed


1. Cut out in EACH color the amount of students in the classroom (18 Students would need 18 Circles of Each Color)

TIP Make a few extras of each color for mistakes

Ice Cream Theme Craft for End of Year from The Educators' Spin On It

2. Cut out Ice Cream Cones (1 per each student)

Ice Cream Theme Craft for End of School Year with Printable from The Educators' Spin On It

3. Attach Printable Poem with glue onto Ice Cream Cone

Colorful Ice Cream Craft for Kids for the End of the School Year from the Educators' Spin On It

4. Ask students to come and select a color for their Ice cream

5. Students “SIGN” all of the circles for their color ( Yes that means they are writing their name around 20 times, one on each circle)

6. Once the students have create their Ice Cream Scoops they then distribute to the other students in the class. (Check to be sure everyone the same amount in return)

End of School Year Class Projects from The Educators' Spin On it

7. Now it’s time to CREATE your own unique Ice Cream Cones Using all of the students UNIQUE Ice Cream scoops. Attach with Glue

8. Encourage students to also decorate their ice cream cone, think waffle cones.

9. Once they are complete it’s time for a fun Class Pictures and Ice Cream Treats for your End of year Ice Cream Party.

You can also read some adorable Ice Cream Books for kids at your end of the school year party.

Ice Cream Poem for End of Year Craft for Kids

To make your own Ice Cream Cones you can purchase the rights to printing the Ice Cream Poem from our Online Store for $1.00 {Click Here}

Here’s a little peek at how my daughter’s class Ice Cream Cones for their End of School year Project turned out when she created hers in Kindergarten. The students came up with so many unique ideas on how to create them. Who knew there were so many ways to make an ice cream cone?

Once they finished their End of School Year Project we had the back table set up for an ice cream party with items the students had brought in from home to make an ultimate ice cream sundae.  YUM!

It made for a fun way to remember her classmates over the summer as it hung on our fridge as Kindergarten Keepsake.

Ice Cream Cones of Classmates for End of Year Party from the Educators' Spin On It

Do you have a Playgroup, Preschool CoOp or Tot School Group you are a part of?

Here’s a fun ice Cream Playdate to host for that age group or you could make your own ice cream with the kids using.

Activities for the End of School Year

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End of School Year Craft for your Ice Cream Party Theme for Kids

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