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How To Use A New Rent Options Listing When Outsourcing

January 12, 2023
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Leveraging A New Hire Solutions Directory To Choose The Right Provider

Outsourcing the onboarding process helps stretch L&D resources and reduce development time. But only if you find the right content provider for your industry, budget, and training needs. Fortunately, there’s a tool that can streamline the selection process and compile a list of top choices. Without having to scour the entire web for bespoke eLearning companies in your price range. What info should you look for in the listings? Is there a way to make the vetting process even more efficient? Here’s how to use a new hire solutions directory to find the perfect outsourcing partner.

7 Tips To Get The Most From A New Hire Solutions Directory

1. Start The Search With Clear Expectations And Goals

Before you even click into the directory, you should have some selection details ironed out. Such as your outsourcing budget and training goals. You must also clarify expectations regarding the project scope, timeline, and vendor responsibilities. For example, which tasks/deliverables are you hiring them to complete? How soon do you need the content by and are you willing to spend more for an expedited timeline? Which new hire training objectives must they help you achieve? Set up a meeting with your team to get their feedback and reevaluate your outsourcing plan. Are there certain tasks they can tackle in-house? Are there any onboarding training gaps you overlooked?

2. Find A Specialist In Your Industry

A reliable new hire solutions directory should highlight companies’ specialization areas AND industry expertise. It’s one thing to create content for new employees, but your staffers have unique training requirements. Your niche has specific challenges and tasks new hires must explore before they enter the workplace. The outsourcing partner must have insider knowledge regarding your industry’s regulations, protocols, and task procedures.

3. Read User Reviews

User reviews provide background info on eLearning content providers. A trustworthy onboarding solutions directory has unbiased reviews and ratings. Users should have to provide some basic details to leave their comments. For example, their industry, staff size, and experience level. Evaluate the reviews one-by-one and weigh them based on your use case. It’s also a good idea to examine the rating criteria. Take a closer look at the vendor’s responsiveness, deadlines, and value-for-money scores to see if they live up to expectations.

4. Evaluate Their List Of Solutions

Employee onboarding is the vendor’s specialization area, but that’s a broad L&D umbrella. Which training solutions do you need to get the best ROI and boost employee engagement? Evaluate the outsourcing partner’s list of solutions to see if they even provide the services you require. For example, you’re looking for a company that delivers microlearning support AND VR training activities. But you also need someone to carry out a training needs analysis beforehand and develop additional bespoke training materials.

5. Visit Their Site

Directory listings also feature links to the vendor’s website so that you can get a feel for their brand image and style. The site should also cover all the basics. Such as the services they provide, which companies they’ve worked with in the past, and work samples. If there aren’t any site links, look them up on your own to evaluate their design skills and work history. Bear in mind that their landing page/site reflects their commitment to quality. A thrown-together site should raise major red flags. Then again, even a polished design may not resonate with your training aesthetics. When in doubt, analyze their portfolio to gauge the breadth of their design talents and sensibilities. Are they able to venture away from the ‘modern minimalism’ look for your onboarding content?

6. Request Quotes

Onboarding solutions directory pages also have contact info so that you’re able to reach out and request more info. As well as quotes or free estimates from the vendor. They may deliver the total package, but are they in your price range? The secret is to provide as many project details as possible to get an accurate estimate. What is the delivery timeline? Which activities and JIT resources do they need to provide? Do you have any content they can reuse in their design? This is also your chance to vet their work experience more thoroughly and ask for references.

7. Schedule A Meeting With Your Top Choices

Once you’ve used the new hire solutions directory to create a shortlist, set up meetings with the top contenders to make your final decision. Prepare a list of a standardized list of questions for all vendors so that you can compare options fairly. This allows you to evaluate their responses side by side and select the vendor who delivers the best value for money. You can also hire them for sample projects if you’re still undecided. For example, two outsourcing partners are in your price range and deliver your must-have solutions. A test project gives you the opportunity to weigh their customer service, responsiveness, and quality of your work for yourself. Instead of just relying on reviews from other clients who may have different priorities or expectations.


Choosing the right new hire solutions is often the most challenging part of the process. You need a partner who maximizes the benefits and minimizes all those drawbacks that are synonymous with outsourcing, like relinquishing total control or going over budget. Thankfully, an online directory allows you to quickly identify outsourcing partners in your industry who specialize in employee onboarding. You get to evaluate their responsiveness and communication even before you contact the vendor, thanks to reviews. As well as scope out their list of training solutions.

Download the eBook Onboarding Solutions Guide: Finding The Right Partner To Support Your New Hires for insider tips to choose the right provider for your business needs.


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