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Handmade Turkey Chocolate Bar Wrappers

November 15, 2023
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Grab your favorite chocolate bar, paper, watercolors you can create a one of a kind handmade turkey chocolate bar wrapper that says I’m Thankful for YOU!

Create this adorable gift idea this Thanksgiving to give to someone you’re thankful for with this handmade turkey craft for kids.

Gratitude Turkey to create a Turkey Shaped Chocolate Bar Wrapper from someone special in your child's life.

When November began I told my daughter that this month we’d be focusing on showing Gratitude in our home and towards others.  She remembered the project we worked on last year when we left notes around the house as we purposely organized and cleaned things up.

Here’s my post About Teaching Gratitude at Home with Kids .

I’m not gonna pretend life is all fine and dandy on that department, we still are working on this task so we’ll be doing it again this year in our home as we prepare for the holidays. Which truthfully she’s excited about and now she has a little almost 3 year old sister who may just be able to join us and make an impact too!

We started talking of other ways we could show our gratitude towards others. I asked her to think of people in our lives that you would like to just say thank you to for encouraging you to be a better you or who work really hard. You could see the gears turning in her mind.  

Then she asked if she could do something for her teachers at school. PERFECT!

Then we were brainstorming what fun little thing we could do for her teachers at school.  We have a few Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea Posts on The Educators’ Spin On It.  

However one stood out in particular, we both were reminded of the little Chocolate Bar treats we dropped off last holiday season that were a big hit. Perhaps it was all of the left over Halloween Candy in our house that triggered those thoughts.  

A Big thanks to Amanda for sharing the first two ideas with Chocolate Bars on our site this year.  We have ideas for Bears, Snowmen, Gingerbread Man Wrappers… now it’s time for Turkey Chocolate Bar Wrappers! 

Turkey Chocolate Bar Wrappers

Here’s the materials you’ll need to make these adorable turkey treats!

  • Brown Paper
  • White Paper 
  • Chocolate bar
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Water Colors

Be creative with your materials!

Directions for Turkey Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Use white paper and have your child create colorful feathers with watercolors, markers or crayons.  

Cut out the shapes of the feathers.  You could do feather shapes or handprint shapes. Create several of them to use for a few turkeys.  

Take your Chocolate Bar and Wrap it with brown paper and tape and set it aside. If you want to personalize your wrapper you can encourage your child to write a secret message on the inside of the wrapper to the recipient 

Now cut out the body of your turkey with two circles one big, one small. 

Create a face for your turkey from googly eyes or scrap pieces of paper.  Create a beak, waddle, wings, and if you want feet.  

Attach the features to the back of the turkey before placing them onto the chocolate bar wrapper.  {That way they can remove and keep if they want to keep it}

Now attach the turkey with feathers onto your chocolate bar wrapper.

Create a Turkey Chocolate Wrapper with kids for a fun gift of gratitude

Attach your personalized “I am Thankful for  You” Card and write your name.  

If you want your turkey to stand slightly bend the bottom circle of the turkey body and add to feet!  You can lean it against something.  Or make a stand behind when the chocolate has been eaten.  

Allow time to dry and then GIVE to someone you’re grateful for in your life!

Printable Cards for Thanksgiving Gift Idea 

These are fun even if you just want to give them without the chocolate to brighten someone’s day.  I’ve created printable tags for you to use on your Turkey Candy Bars. Hope they “Gobble” their Thanksgiving Gratitude Gift up!

Here’s a peek at how my daughter’s turkeys turned out that she hand-delivered to her teachers at school. I love how they all look like their own special piece of turkey art.

Turkey Crafts for kids for Thanksgiving

Additional Ideas for your child this holiday season for Thanksgiving…

Thank you so much to the readers of The Educators’ Spin On It. We are so thankful for YOU!

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Thanksgiving Gift Idea using Chocolate Bar Wrapper shaped like a turkey from The Educators' Spin On it

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