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Guide Studying Objective - Free Printable 2024 Guide Checklist

January 11, 2024
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If one of your new year’s resolutions is to start reading more, we’ve got some free printables to get you started.  Our freebies include a book list that you can fill as you read or fill up with books you want to read then check them off as you finish. We also have a sheet to fill out your book reading goals. This is handy for all ages from early readers, elementary age students, high schoolers, parents, and grandparents alike!

We all know that reading is important to kids, but did you know that reading more as an adult is important to. Let us whare why you should read more, some ways to encourage your family to read more, best books for kids of all ages, and free printable book reading goal pages to help you make your goals and record your progress. Whether you are 5 or 99, this is for you!

Hey bookworms and book aversed alike! Did you know that reading isn’t just a delightful pastime, but also a crucial practice that benefits us throughout our lives? Let’s dive into the reasons why reading is a lifelong habit worth cultivating, supported by some fascinating evidence!

  •  Expanding Our Horizons
    Through books, we can venture into countless worlds and experience diverse cultures without leaving our cozy reading nook. Reading broadens our perspectives, boosts our empathy towards others, and nurtures open-mindedness.
    Evidence: Multiple studies have shown that regular reading allows us to better understand and appreciate different viewpoints, which enhances our acceptance and empathy towards others. Research conducted at the New School for Social Research in New York City found that individuals who read fiction have more developed theory of mind, the ability to understand and accurately interpret other people’s thoughts and emotions. (Source:
  • Sharpening Our Cognitive Abilities
    Reading is like a mental workout that keeps our brains sharp, regardless of age. Just like lifting weights strengthens our muscles, reading enhances our memory, analytical skills, and critical thinking abilities. Stay mentally fit by embarking on the exciting adventures offered by books!
    Evidence: According to a study published in the journal “Neurology,” regular reading can slow down cognitive decline in older adults, reducing memory loss by up to 32%. Another research conducted at the University of Rochester found that reading challenges our brains and helps improve our analytical thinking, expanding our problem-solving capabilities. (Source:
  • Boosting Our Emotional Well-being
    Books have the incredible power to heal, comfort, and uplift our spirits during both challenging and joyful times. They provide a sanctuary where we can escape from stress, gain inspiration, and find solace.
    Evidence: A study conducted at the University of Sussex discovered that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by 68%. Furthermore, numerous personal testimonies emphasize how reading has positively impacted mental health, helping people cope with anxiety, depression, and loneliness. (Source:

No matter our age, embracing the wonders of reading is an investment in ourselves and the world around us. So pick up a book, get lost in its pages, and allow it to guide you on a journey of knowledge, growth, and pure joy!

Start off your new year's resolution of reading more with our free printables, including a book list to track your progress and a sheet to set your book reading goals, suitable for readers of all ages!

Page 1: 2024 Book List

Keep track of your reading journey in 2024 with the “2024 Book List” page. Write down the book titles and authors to create a personal reading log.

Page 2: Reading Goals for the Year

Set ambitious reading goals for the year with the second page. Plan how many books to read, establish a daily page goal, explore different genres and authors, dive into historical time periods, and more. Don’t forget to plan a family book night, a delightful time to share and discuss books over fun snacks!

Reading Goals

  • Number of books to read
  • Pages to read per day
  • Explore books from different genres
  • Discover new authors
  • Select a historical time period to explore
  • and more!

How to Read More as a Family

  • Plan a memorable family book night, where everyone can share their thoughts about the same book or just the book they are reading from their list. Plan some fun snacks while each person takes a turn presenting their book.
  • Make a reading competition with some simple goals and rewards that will motivate your family. You can say every 10 books you read you will go out for a treat or fun activity.
  • Join some local reading competitions at a library, bookstore, or Pizza Hut’s during the summer.
  • Make dedicated family reading time where everyone finds a spot to curl up and read. It can be at night by the fire, in a hammock, or everyone going to their room 30 minutes early to have time to read before bed.
  • Read aloud together to join the same book together. Make sure to read with lots of fun, silly voices!


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Reading Comprehension

Start off your new year's resolution of reading more with our free printables, including a book list to track your progress and a sheet to set your book reading goals, suitable for readers of all ages!

Let’s Read More this Year!

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