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Ghost Themed Sensory Bottle Sight Phrase Sport for Starting Readers

October 20, 2023
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Create some Halloween fun with Ghosts for beginning readers. Create flying ghosts in this colorful Ghost Themed Sensory Bottle Sight Word Game.  

Most children show a high interest in sensory bottles, now you can encourage them to read and write their sight words too.  Here’s how…

Ghost Themed Sight Word Game for Kindergarten

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Ghost Themed Sensory Bottle Sight Word Game

To create your own Sensory Bottle for Halloween you just need a few fun things to make the spooktacular magic happen. I found ours at our local craft store but you can also find these items on Amazon. Who wouldn’t want to play with flying ghosts and sparkling gems as a kid?  

So grab your sight word list or PRINT our Sight Word List and let’s get started!

Ghost Sight Word Activity for Beginning Readers

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Ghost Sight Word Activity for Beginning Readers

To create your own Ghost Themed Sensory Bottle Sight Word Game you will need the following supplies…


Ghost Sight Word Game

Directions for Ghost Themed Sight Word Game

Write down the sight words onto the ghost confetti.  I used our Sight Word list and had my child point to the words as we wrote them down. I recommend starting with only 5 Sight Words. The goal of this sight word game is frequency by seeing, saying and writing the sight words to memorize them.

The next thing you need to do is to create 5 ghosts on your colored sheet of paper with your child. They can draw it or you can, I always prefer having them create what we’re working on to give them ownership and to help them with fine motor skills of drawing.  If they need a little help you could create a template for them to trace or use a ghost shaped cookie cutter.

Now looking at each of the five sight word ghosts you created have your child write one word on each ghost for the game before you begin.

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Creating a ghost themed sight word bottle

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Then select the items that you want to go into your Ghost Themed Sensory Bottle Sight Word Game.  We found these adorable  ghost confetti at our craft store. You can find it there on Amazon here. This alone in the bottle is pretty fun for Halloween, love how by adding the sight word ghosts in you’ve made it into a learning game for kids.

Once you’ve added all of your ghost themed items into the recycled water bottle it’s time to add the water and close the lid on the water bottle. You can hot glue it closed if you are concerned about it spilling. We leave ours open so we can swap things out often.

Ghost Sight Word Writing activity for Beginning Readers


To play our ghost themed sensory bottle sight word  game it’s pretty easy and keeps them coming back to play.  You have them shake the bottle and write down the first word that they see or lands on the bottom of the bottle, whichever is easiest for them to determine.

The little playful challenge is that they need to see each sight word 5 times before they are finished. It’s a great lesson in chance and what they predict will happen.


This is a fun game to keep at the kitchen table this fall while you’re getting dinner ready.  They can simply sit at the table and work on sight words with their sensory bottle and a piece of paper.

The better they get at the game you can add additional sight words to make it more challenging or simply swap out words and add five new sight words to the game.

Ghost Sight Word Game for Kids

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Ghost Themed Sight Word Game for Kindergarten

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I can’t wait to hear how much your child loves playing this ghost themed sight word game with a sensory bottle.  It takes lots of practice but having a strong base in recognizing your sight words can lead to a successful confident reader.

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Sensory Jar with Water and Ghost Confetti for early readers

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