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FREE Scarecrow CVC phrase mats

September 1, 2020
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Are you looking for a fun way to work on letter recognition and learn CVC words this fall? This super cute scarecrow themed CVC word mats are a fun way to sneak into literacy and help preschoolers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and 1st grade students improve their reading skills while they have fun with an educational activity this fall.

CVC word mats

Some of the first words children learn to read are CVC words. CVC means consonant-vowel-consonant. Cat, Mop, and Hit are all CVC words. CVC words are the first step in learning how to expand words so children can hear every single sound in the word. As they become more confident, they transfer this ability to longer, more complex words. Preschoolers, kindergarten teachers, and 1st grade students will have fun pronouncing words, practicing phonetics, and working on letter discrimination with that fun CVC word mats Fall literacy activity.

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Scarecrow-Sight-Words-Fall-Educational Activity-Kindergarten-First Grade

Scarecrow theme

If your preschoolers and your kindergartens are still working on letter recognition and letter sounds, start with the scarecrow cards that have the letters printed on them.

Have your child say the name of each letter to spell each word. Then have them say the letter sounds when they line up a letter disk (or letter bead, letter magnet, etc.) with the letter at the bottom of the mat.

Printable activity for CVC words

Once your child is comfortable with letters and letter sounds, they can move on to creating the CVC words in this pack.

Have them identify the picture shown (shown on the scarecrow's shield). Help them slowly expand the sounds until they hear all three sounds in the word. c… aaaa… t.

Then have them find the letter disks that represent all three sounds and place them on the circles at the bottom of the scarecrow word mat.

Have them read the word aloud, making sure that all three sounds are spoken clearly.

Kindergarten Sight Words Phonics

Kindergarten CVC words

Once your children have mastered the ten words in this pack, they can use the letter discs to start building other words. Or they can use the discs to make silly CVC words. As long as the vowel is in the middle position, you know that you understand this concept.

<img load = "lazy" class = "alignnone wp-image-17250 size-medium" alt="CVC words puzzle" width="158" height="300" srcset=" 158w, 150w, 336w" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 158px) 100vw, 158px" src=""/> <img load = "lazy" class = "size-medium wp-image-30080 alignnone" alt="FREE CVC Word Reading - If you're looking for a fun way to help kids read CVC words, you'll love this free printable activity for kindergarten teachers! #cvcwords #kindergarten #readingClip Cards" width="200" height="300" srcset=" 200w, 600w, 768w, 534w, 810w, 1140w, 1024w" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px" src=""/> <img load = "lazy" class = "alignnone wp-image-28104 size-medium" alt="Crayon CVC WOrds Activity" width="200" height="300" srcset=" 200w, 600w, 768w, 533w, 810w, 1140w, 1024w" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 200px) 100vw, 200px" src=""/>

FREE CVC Words Printables

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Download Scarecrow CVC Words Mats

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