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FREE Rhyming Clip Playing cards with Photos

September 5, 2020
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Rhyming is so much fun. I think when most kids get the hang of it, they run with it as fast as they can. It can get a little bit busy at times, but it's fun to hear how excited they are to learn new things! How interested are you in a new concept! This Rhyme clip cards will help kids understand the idea of ​​rhyme while still having fun and strengthening other skills too! These free printable clip cards are perfect for preschool, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade students.

Rhyming clip cards

There are 10 Rhyme clip cards all in all. Each card has a different, easily identifiable image. There are three more images below the main image. One of the three will rhyme with the main picture. This is great for kids just dipping their toes in the rhyming sand or as a practice activity to repeat what they already know.

Rhyme picture cards

First scroll down under the terms of use to the end of the article and click on the text link >> Download <<. The PDF file will open in a new window where you can save the freebie template.

<img load = "lazy" class = "alignnone wp-image-25276" alt="Literacy activity for preschool and kindergarten "width =" 519 "height =" 632 "srcset =" -preschool-and-kindergarten -657x800.jpg 657w, 600w, https: //www.123homeschool4me .com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/01 / literacy-activity-for-preschool-and-kindergarten-246x300.jpg 246w, Uploads / 2019/01 / Literacy activity for preschool and kindergarten 768x936.jpg 768w, -und-kindergarten-810x987.jpg 810w, https: / / 1140w, https: / / 2019/01 / literacy-activity-for-preschool-and-kindergarten.jpg 1024 w "data-lazy-size =" (maximum width: 519 px) 100vw, 519px "src =" -and-kindergarten-657x800.jpg "/>

Rhyme pictures

Preparing for this activity is very simple. The first thing you need to do is print out each sheet. There are 3 sheets in total. Two have 4 cards while the third has 2 rhyme cards and two blank cards.

Cut out each of the cards.

I like to laminate such activities to keep the activity going. Not just because kids are kids, but because they bend the paper easily when you use clothespins.

<img load = "lazy" class = "alignnone wp-image-25278" alt="Rhyming Words Clip Cards "width =" 514 "height =" 550 "srcset =" 650w, 600w, /2019/01/Rhyming-Words-Clip-Cards-281x300.jpg 281w "Daten-Lazy-Größen =" (maximale Breite: 514px) 100vw, 514px "src =" -content / uploads / 2019/01 / Rhyming-Words-Clip-Cards.jpg "/>

Fhyming picture cards for kindergarten

I put the cards in a pile and let my daughter reach out one by one. We used many different types of tampering, not just clothespins. Here are our favorites:

  • Pom poms
  • Mini erasers
  • Coins
  • Modeling clay
  • rock
  • Shopkins
  • mucus

I had my daughter say what each of the pictures is: cake, cat, snake and truck. Then I ask you to name which rhymes. If she doesn't know, we'll go through each one individually. Does cake rhyme with cat? No okay, does cake rhyme with snake? YES! We put the manipulative on the clip card and move on to the next one. We do this until all the cards are done.

<img load = "lazy" class = "alignnone wp-image-25279" alt="Rhyming words for children "width =" 531 "height =" 706 "srcset =" .jpg 602w, 600w, /uploads/2019/01/rhyming-words-for-kids-226x300.jpg 226w, 650w "data-lazy-size =" (maximale Breite: 531px) 100vw, 531px "src =" 602x800.jpg "/>

Rhyme words with pictures

  • Once your children have mastered the traditional rhyming activity, these clip cards can still be used.
  • Clip or manipulate the images that don't match.
  • Have the child write the rhyming words on a recording sheet.
  • Have the child identify or spell out words that also match. For example cakes, snakes and making, taking, baking, counterfeiting etc.

<img load = "lazy" class = "size-medium wp-image-33019 alignnone" alt="back to school rhyming activity" width="175" height="300" srcset=" 175w, 600w, 466w, 768w" data-lazy-sizes="(max-width: 175px) 100vw, 175px" src=""/> <img load = "lazy" class = "wp-image-32930 alignnone" alt="Lion rhyming activity" width="160" height="301" src=""/> <img load = "lazy" class = "size-medium wp-image-5613 alignnone" alt="Rhyming robot game "width =" 168 "height =" 300 "srcset =" 168w, 358w "Daten-Lazy-Größen =" (maximale Breite: 168px) 100vw, 168px "src =" "/>

Rhyming activities

<img load = "lazy" class = "size-medium wp-image-4938 alignnone" alt="Free printable alphabet coloring pages for preschool, preschool and kindergarten students to work on phonemic perception, strengthen hand muscles, and learn alphabet letters" width="200" height="300" src=""/> <img load = "lazy" class = "size-medium wp-image-5555 alignnone" alt="Super cute and free pritnable kindergarten alphabet worksheets are a great way for preschoolers, kindergarten kids, kindergarten teachers, and first graders to practice letters from A to Z." width="181" height="300" src=""/> <img load = "lazy" class = "size-medium wp-image-3073 alignnone" alt="IMPRESSIVE! Over 70 free kindergarten math games - free printouts for kindergarten math - counting to 100, number recognition, shapes, colors, addition, subtraction, times, coins, measurement, skipping counts by 2s, 5s and 10s. #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #mathgames" width="205" height="300" src=""/>

Download Rhyming Picture Clip Cards

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