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FREE Printable Phrases that Finish with ge and dge Phonics Recreation

April 25, 2023
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Help students learn the two sounds of “g” with this free printable phonics game! First grade and 2nd graders will work on dge sound words and ge words with this phonics activity. Simply print the words that end with dge and word that end with ge; now you are are ready to play and learn!

ge and dge words

In this simple, low-prep game, your little ones can read words that end with “dge”. We have moved into a new sound as we continue our reading journey. This week we have begun working on the “dge” sound. As we worked on this new sound, we practiced reading, spelling, and writing these fun words. But I wanted her to have a fun game where she could just read the words and practice saying this new sound. And that is where this game came from.

dge sound words

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The two sounds of “g”

Did you know that the letter G makes two sounds? While we are reading or spelling, we automatically know this, but I know it wasn’t something that I would have thought about until I began this reading journey with my daughter.

Most of the time the g makes the sound we hear in the word game, guess, and gone. And it will make that sound until the vowel changes. Once the vowel changes to an I, e, or y, the “G” no longer makes that sound and now makes the “J” sound.

  • gi- giraffe, Ginny, ginger
  • Ge – genius, genuine, George

  • gy – gym, archeology.

Words that end with GE

Words that end with GE

Sometimes we may hear the J sound at the end of the word. Sometimes we can add use the g and then add an “e” to help make the J sound. Sometimes the “e” is added just to make the “g” say the “j” sound. Sometimes it plays a double role. It is a magic e that makes the vowel say its name.

  • Here are a few examples where the e only makes the “g” say “j”: hinge, charge, fringe, binge,
  • Here are a few examples where the e does double duty: refuge, huge, cage, page

Words that end with DGE

Sometimes you may notice that a word ends with “dge”. And there is a very simple rule for that. If there is a short vowel before the “ge” you need to add the “d”. I told my little girl that the “d” protects the short vowel from the big bad “ge”.

Here are a few words that end in “dge” – wedge, hedge, judge, ledge

Words that end with DGE

dge words

This game is simple to play

  • First, players place their game pieces on the big circle in the middle of the board.
  • Next, player one rolls the die and moves in any direction they want to.
  • Once they land on their spot, they say the name of the picture.
  • Now, they find that word on their Bingo card and cover it up.
  • Players take turns moving around the board until they have four in a row on their Bingo board.

dge words phonics


The fun part of this is that there is some strategy involved. Whenever they get to a circle they can choose which direction they want to go. If they need a certain word to win, they can look for that picture and head in that direction.

Overall it is a fun way to get kids reading and saying the “dge” sound. Enjoy!

Grab this FREE printable phonics game for 1st and 2nd 2nd graders to work on words that end in dge and ge sound words!

g Phonics Sound

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