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FREE Printable Kite Alphabet Craft

March 28, 2020
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This super cute kite Alphabet activity is a fun way for kids to practice identifying the letters that begin words and also to create a fun alphabet craft! Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, preschoolers and kindergarten teachers this summer.

Spring has begun! The weather has become warmer, the grass has turned green; Spring onions like crocuses, daffodils and tulips have come and gone. The sweet waves of the magnolias are over and lilacs add their sweet flowers to the gentle breeze. Trees have full green leaves instead of small buds.

As much as spring is a welcome place for winter-weary parents, teachers, kids and homeschoolers - that means the kids are a bit louder. Children don't want to sit and work in school or focus on learning from a book. They want to go outside and run through the grass, play on the ground, swing on the swings and fly kites! Unfortunately, the spring break won't be long enough to quench your thirst for freedom of play all day, but at least we can do some fun, educational learning activities that kids should involve so they can still learn!

We love to use thematic learning activities for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartens, kindergartens and first graders to keep them busy all year round. Your classroom will love using this free printable version Spring alphabet activity as an additional exercise, sitting, doing homework, literacy center or just having fun printable craft to brighten up your bulletin board.

Dragon printable

Children will have fun Alphabet dragons to celebrate spring while practicing beginning sounds in this delightful Alphabet craft.


ABC printable

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Now download the pages, save them and print them out. For each letter of the alphabet from A to Z there is a separate page (kite) on which you can only print the letter you are working on, have each student do a different letter kite or use it together with a letter from the weekly program label the letter you're working on.


Alphabet craft

Students color the printable alphabet kite with crayons, markers, crayons, gel pens, or any other writing tool you want to use. Make sure you color both the diamond-shaped dragon, the uppercase and lowercase letters, and the tail tassels for the words that begin with that letter.

Note that you can add 6 possible tassels to your Alphabet Dragons. Not every word begins with the letter presented. These spring phonics worksheets provide children with a fun way to practice letter sounds.

Initial tone

Kindergarten alphabet

Have the students write their featured letter on the line and sound out / say the word they made. Not all 6 cliparts spell an object that begins with the letter presented. Aside from being a great way to practice writing letters, it is great for students to listen to letters in words. For example, the students above add the J to spell jet, jacket, jug, glass, and jellyfish. Read the words together so that the children learn how to say them and work on phonemic awareness.

The next step in this spring phonics activity is to carefully cut out the kite and tassels. Now glue 12-16 inches of yarn (each color) to the back of the kite. Finally, stick tassels on the rope, with the picture pointing to the same side as the dragon's features.

Free printable spring crafts - kids will find all the dragon tassels that have the same sound as the dragon to make this fun alphabet dragon for preschool, kindergarten and first graders format # alphabet # preschool # kindergarten

Spring Phonics activity

This spring alphabet craft is a fun way for children to practice recognizing the initial sounds of words.

  • A is for apple, ax, ant, alligator, airplane
  • B is for boots, bus, banana, bee, ball
  • C stands for cactus, calculator, carrot and cat
  • D stands for dog, drum, cube, donut and drill
  • E stands for elf, envelope, elephant and egg
  • F stands for flag, flamingo, fork, football and fan
  • G stands for grapes, glasses, game and goat
  • H stands for hand, heart, ham, hat and hen
  • I am for ink, iguana, igloo and ice
  • J stands for jacket, glass, jet, jug and jellyfish
  • K stands for koala, kayak, kettle, ketchup, key and kiwi
  • L stands for lemon, laundry, lion, lock and leaf
  • M stands for mouth, mug, moon, magnet and card
  • N stands for net, nut, nose, nest and note
  • O stands for oboe, ox, olive, squid and oven
  • P stands for panda, bucket, cake, pacifie and pea
  • Q stands for Quilt, Quiete, Queen and Quail
  • R stands for ring, rain, carpet, radio and rose
  • S stands for snowflake, spider, strawberry, snail and spider
  • T stands for tub, tooth, tomato, tent and taco
  • U is for unicycle, underwear, umbrella, unicorn and urn
  • V stands for vulture, vest, vine, delivery van and volcano
  • W stands for net, wing, watermelon and worm
  • X stands for X-ray, Xylopohon and Fuchs
  • Y stands for egg yolk, yak, yaht, yo-yo and yam
  • Z stands for zero, zipper, zucchini and zebra

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Spring learning activities

Children will have fun learning a variety of math, reading, and writing skills with these spring educational activities.

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