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March 31, 2020
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Looking for a fun ABC expression that kids can use to learn their Alpahbet letters, learn vocabulary, and work on phonemic perception. These hugely popular printable alphabet hats are a great way to teach students the letters of the alphabet from A to Z. There is a different hat for each letter - perfect for a Letter of the week Program for toddlers, preschoolers, children and kindergarten teachers.

Alphabet printable

It doesn't matter whether you are a parent, teacher, homeschooler, daycare center or a dedicated grandparent Preschool printable is sure to be a hit with your children. This Alphabet hats happened to be one of my favorite print templates that I made to follow my letters from the weekly program we worked on with preschool, preschool, kindergarten and kids.

FREE alpha bag that is perfect for one unit

Letter of the week

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This is a fun learning tool for younger kids working on their letters! Simply print out all 26 alphabet worksheets or just the letter you're working on. Each page is black and white to save printing costs. After printing the required Blackline crayons, have the children use crayons, markers, crayons, gel pens and any other utensils:

  • color the Upper and lowercase letter (ideal for working on visual discrimination)
  • Color the cliparts that contain an image that starts with the featured letter (ideal for letter recognition, building vocabulary, and an introduction to phonemic awareness).
  • Track the imagery (optional, but a great way to see how letters sound when they form words that make a great introduction to phonics, spelling, and more).
  • Now cut the dotted lines apart and glue them together to form a crown

Letter of the week alphabet crowns for toddler preschool and kindergarten

Children will be so proud to wear this Alphabet craft You have made yourself and it serves as a great visual reminder of the letter you are working on. These are great for boys or girls!

We know that not all images on the alphabet crowns produce the sound used when young learners learn letters. The aim was to build up a rich vocabulary and introduce the letters.

  • A stands for apple, ax, plane, artichoke, apron, anchor and acorn
  • B stands for bread, butterfly, balloon, baby, boots, bell, basketball and bee
  • C stands for mussel, cow, cloud, corn, caterpillar, camel, can and carrot
  • D stands for dog, drum, drill, duck, dolphin, dragon and dice
  • E stands for eggplant, earth, envelope, eagle, ear, elephant and egg
  • F stands for frog, flower, fork, fan, flag, fish and soccer ball
  • G stands for goose, glove, grape, gift, gorilla, game and goat
  • H stands for hook, heart, hat, hamburger, hand, harp, horseshoe and hen
  • I am for igloo, ice, ice, iron, ice skates, insect and customs
  • J stands for jet, glass, juice, puzzle, jaguar, jumprope and jello
  • K stands for koala bear, dragon, kangaroo, key, king, kettle and keybaord
  • L stands for leaf, ladybug, lantern, llama, lion, castle, laundry and lemon
  • M stands for mask, mushroom, mouse, moon, moose, mouth, mug and post
  • N stands for needle, nuts, note, newspaper, nose, nine, nest and necklace
  • O stands for octopus, onion, oyster, orange, orchid, oval, oar and otter
  • P stands for potatoes, penguins, cakes, buckets, pineapples, picnic tables and peas
  • Q stands for quail, queen, quarter, quilt, quilt and question
  • R stands for ring, rainbow, rose, recycling, carpet, radio and rain
  • S is for spider, screw, suitcase, sun, snail, snowflake, seed and star
  • T stands for taco, tent, tooth, turtle, tape measure, tomato and train
  • U is for unicorn, referee, ukelele, umbrella, up, unicycle
  • V stands for vacuum, vulture, vase, volleyball, van, viola and vest
  • W stands for worm, wheel, window, wagon, clock, wing and whale
  • X stands for xylophone, x-ray and xenops
  • Y stands for yarn, yacht, egg yolk, yak, yo-yo and yawn
  • Z stands for Zeplin, Zebra, Zipper, Zookeeper, Zinnia, Zuchini and Null

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Download free alphabet hats

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