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Finlatics Begin-Up Strategist Expertise Program

May 22, 2023
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Are you a mom with an entrepreneurial spirit, but unsure how to turn your idea into a successful start-up? Look no further than the Finlatics Start-Up Strategist Experience Program. Finlatics, a unique work experience platform, helps inquisitive and entrepreneurial moms gain insight into the various tools and techniques needed to transform a simple business concept into a solid business model. Finlatics’ esteemed program does just that by guiding moms through the A-Z process of launching a start-up. From ideation to product development, branding to funding, their program covers all the key factors necessary for success.

But the real benefit lies in their hands-on training and case projects, allowing learners to implement their learnings on actual start-up ideas. And with Finlatics focus on nailing the right launch strategy and crystal clarity with regard to product market fit, their program is perfect for enterprising moms looking to turn their vision into a reality.

With the program’s approach, which is based on simplicity and comprehension, super juggler moms can spend quality time understanding the nuances of how they can build, launch and scale their ideas.

Finlatics Start-Up Strategist Experience Program trains them to understand how they can:

  • Break down a business idea into a business model
  • Use the market-first approach to take a start-up from idea to product
  • Create the launch strategy of a start-up to help it achieve a product-market fit
  • Prepare pitch decks and how to pitch to investors

Read on to discover how the Finlatics Start-Up Strategist Experience Program can help you navigate the start-up process and launch a successful business:

Navigating the start-up process from ideation to launch:

The program provides hands-on training and case projects that allow moms with entrepreneurial mindsets to implement their learnings on actual start-up ideas. Finlatics’ program is also designed to be flexible and accommodating to busy moms; you can work at your own pace and on your own schedule.

Deep focus on funding, branding, and product development:

The Finlatics Start-Up Strategist Experience Program also helps moms with critical start-up processes, including funding, branding, and product development. The program provides knowledge and expertise to secure the necessary funding for the start-up. They also cover branding and marketing strategies, helping enterprising moms develop a strong brand identity and presence in the marketplace to launch a successful product. Along with focusing on funding, it also helps moms understand strategies on how they can maximize their return on investment while building a start-up.

Hands-on training to help you apply your learnings to actual start-up ideas:

As part of the program, they work with moms on case projects related to various start-up ideas, including fashion, interior design, consumer products, skincare, and food, among others. The program provides the necessary knowledge and expertise to develop and launch a successful business, and their case projects allow the learner to put that knowledge into practice. By working on start-up ideas in various industries, participants will gain a well-rounded understanding of the start-up process and develop the skills necessary to succeed in any industry.

Alter the appearance of your start-up concept:

By enabling them to apply their learning to real-life start-up ideas, the Finlatics Start-Up Strategist Experience Program incorporates an experiential learning approach that allows for the practical application of knowledge. With the Finlatics Start-Up Strategist Experience Program, moms can feel confident in their ability to navigate the start-up process and launch a successful business.

To register for the program, you can fill in the link, and Finlatics will get back to you: 

Finlatics Start-Up Strategist Experience Program CTA

Program duration and time commitment: 3 hrs per week (2-month format) / 5 hrs per week (1-month format

Program start date: Flexible on your choice

Program break and extension: Participants will be eligible for a break during the program if needed for any commitments

Program Fee: INR 1999 + GST.

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