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FALL STEM Problem for Youngsters: Constructing Leaf Sculptures

September 21, 2023
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This Fall STEM Challenge will not only get kids outside and engaged with nature, it will also encourage them to use their creativity and problem solving skills to create a leaf sculpture greater than 6 inches tall.

Can you make a leaf sculpture? 

FALL STEM Challenge for Kids: Building Leaf Sculptures

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FALL STEM Challenge for Kids: Leaf Sculptures

Objective: This lesson will engage early childhood children (Preschool to 3rd Grade) in STEM skills to design and build a leaf structure that is more than 6 inches tall.

STEM Skills Presented in this Lesson:

Science: Children will explore their natural world and learn about photosynthesis and chlorophyll.

Technology: Watch a video clip to introduce children to the terms of colors changing.

Engineering: Design and Build a leaf sculpture that is over 6 inches tall.

Math: The students will measure their leaf sculptures and record their height to the nearest inch on a group chart.

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STEP 1: Nature walk and collect fallen leaves

Go on a walk. Observe the changes fall brings to the natural world.  Talk about it.

  • What colors do you see?
  • How are the leaves changing?
  • Where are the leaves?

Collect leaves of varying shapes and colors.

Teacher Notes: Even the youngest child may enjoy and learn from using correct terminology. This helps them to develop a deeper vocabulary base and understanding of scientific concepts.  It’s OK and even encouraged to use the BIG words for science. 

Photosynthesis is the name for the way that plants use sunlight to make sugars for their food. Chlorophyll, gives leaves their basic green coloring. As the weather cools, leaves shut down their food making process.  The chlorophyll, the green from the leaves – leaves.

This is an ideal Fall Stem Activity for Kindergarten and Preschool

STEP 2: Video

Watch a short video clip about the colors changing in the fall. Brain Pop Leaves Video. We use Brain Pop in our classroom, but I am including a free video clip from YouTube that I felt best described the process.  It does contain ads. Sorry, I couldn’t find one without ads that was free!

STEP 3 : Set up the FALL STEM Challenge

Materials Needed

FALL STEM Challenge for Kids: Building Leaf Sculptures

1. For this challenge, the children will be asked to design a fall leaf sculpture that is greater than 6 inches high.

2. Solve the challenge

First brainstorm ways that you can solve the problem.

  • Will you twist?
  • Use sticks?
  • Build a shape?

Then, try some of these ideas.

Step 4. Test your sculpture to see if it is greater than 6 inches.

If it is not, then it’s back to step 3. Brainstorm ways to make the sculpture taller and try some of those ideas.  Re-measure to see if the sculpture is greater than 6 inches.

If the sculpture is greater than 6 inches, then the child will record the data on a group T chart. This can be written on the white board or chart paper.  On the left will have the student name, on the right, the height of their leave sculpture.

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