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Exploring Northern Lights with Youngsters by Artwork and Music

January 18, 2023
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This northern lights art project for kids is so fun and easy as your child learns the science behind why they are formed. Plus we’ll use art and music to explore together to create our very own Aurora Borealis.

Come join us as we have our first Science Lesson about Sweden. While we explored the globe we discovered that Sweden is located in the Arctic Circle, a great place for watching the Northern Lights. 

Here’s a fun way to learn about Science using both Art and Music.

Learning about Northern Lights with Kids

Before you start take a moment to read this online book with your child: Auroras: Mysterious Lights in the Sky.  Your child will gain so much background information about Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Art Project for Kids

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are the fluttering and bright lights that can be observed in the sky over the northernmost parts of the world. The best viewing areas in Sweden are above the Arctic Circle between September and March. As the phenomenon is caused by energy from the sun carried towards Earth on the solar winds.

Using art and science to learn about Science of the Northern LIghts

Since we can’t all see the Northern Lights every day from anywhere, I found a few videos for you to observe!

Videos of Northern Lights for Kids

Here’s a fun way to experience Northern Lights on the Earth and from Space too!

Make your Own Northern Lights!

This project is so much fun to explore with kids and it just takes a few materials to set up. See how your child can recreate the Northern lights that they saw in the video.


  • Paint
  • Paper 
  • Toothbrush
  • Pencil
  • Music

Painting Northern Lights with Kids with music

Directions for Painting Northern Lights

After watching the videos have your child paint their very own Northern lights.  There is no right or wrong it’s just the experience of what your eyes observed as the lights move and dance across the skyline. 

Painting Northern LIghts with Kids using Toothbrush

We listened to music while we were painting which made it so much for fun and also helps with expressive painting. 

The song “Above the Northern Lights” by Mannheim Steamroller was really fun to paint with and also created more imagination with my daughter.  

Painting Northern LIghts with Kids using recycled items

Add a Silhouette

When you are done painting you can add silhouette of animals located in the Artic Circle made from black paper or a tree or house to create the illusion of a horizon. 

Here’s where my inspiration came from Northern Light Painting from Kids Artists.

Painting Northern Lights with Kids through Art and Music

How Northern Lights are Made

Northern Light Resources and Crafts

Auroros from
Northern Lights Craft from Family Crafts
What are Northern Lights

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Books about the Northern Lights for Kids

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