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Erica’s Craft Podcast Ep. 6 / I made my very own yarn!

September 3, 2020
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Check out Erica's Craft Podcast Ep. 6 / I made my own yarn!

Hope you all come to episode 6 of my craft podcast where I share all of my quilting, sewing, knitting, spinning, cross stitching, and purchases with you!

*** SHOW NOTES ***

  • GIVEAWAY courtesy of The Complete Boutique
  • Erica's shop
  • Erica Arndt on Ravelry

The quilt on the wall behind me is my vintage fall quilt pattern

*** QUILT ING & SEWING 01:18 ***

  • Chicken Quilt: My own design, inspired by Poppie Cotton's Chicken Scratch
  • Cherished Moments from Poppie Cotton
  • Zip Around Notions Pouch with Daisy Mae by Poppie Cotton
  • 9-Patch Zip Around Notions Bag with Cherished Moments by Poppie Cotton
  • Erica's scrap basket
  • Mini Vinyl Pouch with Pam Kitty Morning Fabric

*** KNITTING 08:23 ***

  • Seven Sisters Top by Sloan Gillam Lacasse
  • Blue Sky fibers: Dusty Miller DK yarn
  • ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Needle Set
  • Erica's Easy Project Bucket
  • Katie's Crochet Blanket: Yarn: Bernat Blanket Extra in Softened Blue (I couldn't find the exact color but I linked the yarn type so you can find it!) Jumbo Crochet Hook
  • Knitted hood
  • Knitted hat
  • Yarn Ink Advent Minis
  • Cumulus beanie that I'm wearing

*** SPIDING 15:35 ***

  • Pinwheel, romantics, nest egg from Wound Up Fiber Arts
  • My own OOAK yarn made from fibers from Paradise Fibers, Classy Squid Fiber Co and Jenny Fields Fiber
  • Wraps Per Inch Guide
  • Spinolution Echo Wheel

*** CROSS STITCH 21:58 ***

  • Stitchville pattern
  • Stitchville Thread Pack
  • Vinyl cross stitch bag
  • Frosty Forest from Country Cottage Needleworks
  • 18 Ct Graceful gray Aida scarf
  • Vivlux LED lights to clip on

Erica's cross stitch pattern

  • Vintage autumn
  • Vintage Christmas
  • Vintage summer
  • Vintage fame

*** ACQUISITIONS 29:22 ***

  • Sheer Robe and Jammie Fabric
  • Delphine & Cecelia pattern
  • Sweatpants & sweatshirt pattern
  • Woodland Songbirds by Poppie Cotton
  • Brother Drum Carder

*** Quilts on my ladder ***

  • freedom
  • Summerville
  • La Conner Stars
  • Cherries & Flags

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