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Enjoyable and Simple Snow Themed Alphabet Sensory Bin for Children

January 6, 2023
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Create a little winter fun focused on learning your ABC’s with this fun pretend snow themed alphabet sensory bin.

This hands on snow experience will be a winter hit in your home.  Plus discover tons of snow themed activities featured in our virtual book club activities below!

Here’s how to make this snow activity including a recipe for pretend snow…

Pretend Snow Themed Alphabet Activity for Preschoolers

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We’re slightly obsessed with snow after our recent trip to Colorado. Did you see my photo of the beautiful snowflake on instagram?

My girls got to make a snowman, we drove up into the snowy rocky mountains and got to go sledding too, which is pretty special for our Florida born girls. The morning the woke up with snow covering our car and the roads was quite magical! Click here for a peek on instagram! 

This activity for snow week was inspired by all of these snow and finding a way to bring it home with us.  Unfortunately, even with the latest snow storm that took over the nation it didn’t come far enough south to where we live in Florida, just a few hours away. We wanted to have some more fun with snow.

Below I’m sharing a recipe on how to make your own pretend snow. However, you can also just order instant snow  which I highly recommend trying out with your child at least once. It’s quite magical!

What I like about this pretend snow recipes is that you can make it on-demand with a few items from around the house.  Keep reading below to see how to make your own pretend snow turned out!

How to Make Pretend Snow

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

Materials Needed for Snowy Themed Alphabet Sensory Bin

Ingredients for Pretend Snow Recipe

For a little more fun you could add snowflake beads or snowflake sequins

How to Make Pretend Snow for Kids #eduspin

Recipe for Pretend Snow

1. Grab your dish pan  or container to create the snow in.  Set up the ingredients and then read the story The Snowy Day.

Ask your child what they would do on their own snowy day?

Find a place in your house or outside that you can make a mess and get started making your own snow.

Pretend Snow Activity for Preschoolers #eduspin

2. Measure out 3 cups of baking soda and 1/2 cup conditioner.  You can do this to consistency as you mix the two ingredients together.  You want it to still feel flaky like powder snow.

If you add too much conditioner it turns into a paste (lessoned learned the hard way)

Making a Snowman with Pretend Snow for Preschoolers

4. Add some glitter to the pretend snow for a little extra fun.  Let your child play with it for a bit as a sensory experience. 

We had fun making a few snowmen as we played with this pretend snow.

Pretend Snow Themed Sensory Bin with Alphabet Activity

Snow Themed Alphabet Sensory Bin

Once you’ve created the pretend snow then add some letters onto the glass gems with a permanent marker.  I recommend doing this writing with your child and talking about the letter and talking about the letter sound that it makes as they learn their alphabet.

Add the letters to the pretend snow.  Challenge your child to find the letters in the snow.  Then set up a sheet of paper with the letters written on it next to the big one so they can take them out and match them onto the letter sheet.

LETTER CHALLENGE:  You could also add the spelling of their name or any sight word that they are beginning to learn.

Snow Themed Alphabet Sensory Bin #eduspin

HAVE FUN and let your child PLAY!  You could also change this to numbers, sight words or even math facts that your child can match it onto a sheet of paper with the answer.

Snowy Day Themed Activities for Preschoolers

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