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Eight Causes Why We Love Vuori for Everybody in Our Households

October 31, 2023
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Gift shopping can get hectic and when looking for presents for everyone in your family, and the girlfriends, boyfriends, and parents, it can get extra hectic. But with Vuori there is one brand everyone will love and it checks all the boxes. Let us explain.

Top Vuori picks for Christmas gifts

1. Vuori is stylish.

Tired of same old, same old, try these subtle but beautiful patterns for something different.

Clean Elevation Legging

Kore Short

It is THE in color for guys this year and nothing could be more comfortable than these soft knit shorts. Our sons/husbands run in these and swim in these and use them for every warm day activity.

2. Vuori quality is unmatched, it lasts forever.

We have worn and washed and worn and washed for years and everything we own still looks new. We don’t know about you, but we are tired of cheap, fast fashion, clothes that cost little but wear out quickly.

3. Vuori is for wearing every single day.

Work from home, check. Working out, check. Out grabbing groceries or a coffee with a friend, check. Truthfully we would rather spend money on clothes we wear every single day, doing what we do most, than that dress we wore once and lives in our closet. Back in the office?

Meta Wide Leg Pant

Does a guy in your life need a pant that doesn’t look like workout clothing, but wears like it? Both of these fit the bill.

Vintage Ripstop Pant

Meta Pant

4. Vuori is ageless.

There are brands we love but, ugh, not so great for our middle age selves. Other brands we wear all the time and our kids would not be seen in them. Here is finally something for everyone, every size, every age, and every look.

Our kids wear these hoodies and we exercise in them whenever the temperature drops below 60.

Halo Performance Hoodie

These are perfect if you are 15 or 55, that practical pant that will get worn again and again.

Ripstop Pant

5. Vuori is the most comfortable clothing we have EVER owned.

And this may be the single most comfortable article of clothing ever made, no exceptions. Every member of our family owns them and they come in 15 colors. 15!

Women’s Performance Jogger

6. Vuori keeps us warm.

We love a brand that takes us through all 4 seasons, even on those chilly awful days.

Sherpa Jacket

Soho Melton Trench

7. Vuori is the best workout gear we have ever found

This perfect T works for playing basketball or going out with friends Friday night. It is as indestructible as it is fashionable.

Strato Tech Tee

8. Vuori is practical

We love working out with our phones for music or a podcast but hate holding it in our hand or having it banging against one of our legs. These perfect leggings have a hidden zip pocket that fits the phone in back and no side seams. Couldn’t love them more.

Clean Elevation Legging

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