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Easy Koala Construct a Snowpile Addition Exercise for Kindergarten

January 31, 2024
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Ready for a fun addition activity for kindergarten you can print for free? This Koala Build a Snowpile addition games for kindergarten uses math in an educational winter activity for kids! Simply print and have fun with winter math for kindergartners!

Addition Activity for Kindergarten

Teaching addition to young learners involves introducing the concept of combining numbers to find a total. It’s a foundational skill that lays the groundwork for more complex math concepts. Using various strategies, visuals, and hands-on activities helps students grasp addition more effectively.

Addition games for kindergarten

Why use hands-on math activities?

Hands-on math activities make learning engaging and memorable. They provide a tangible experience that allows students to visualize and manipulate numbers, leading to a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. Incorporating activities that involve physical materials fosters a stronger connection between abstract ideas and real-world applications.

How to use these koala snowpile task cards.

The Koala Snowpile Addition Game is a fantastic hands-on activity that makes learning addition fun and interactive. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use these task cards in the classroom:

adding games for kindergarten

Adding games for kindergarten


  1. Introduction: Introduce the Koala Snowpile Addition Game to the class. Explain that they will be building snowpiles on koala cards by solving addition equations.
  2. Materials: Ensure each student has a set of snowball cards with addition equations and a koala card. Additionally, provide a pile of snowball cutouts or drawings for students to use.


  1. Selecting Equations: Have students pick a snowball card with an addition equation. For example, if they pick a card with “2 + 3,” they will need to solve this equation.
  2. Building Snowpiles: After solving the equation mentally or using manipulatives, students add the corresponding number of snowballs to the koala card’s snowpile. For “2 + 3,” they’d add five snowballs to the koala’s snowpile.
  3. Continuation: Encourage students to continue picking snowball cards, solving equations, and adding the correct number of snowballs to their koala card until they’ve completed all the equations.

addition games for kindergarten

Winter Math

Encouragement and Support:

  1. Positive Reinforcement: Celebrate students’ efforts and successes throughout the activity. Positive encouragement boosts confidence and motivates learning.
  2. Guidance: Offer support and guidance to students who might need help with solving equations or understanding addition concepts. Providing assistance ensures everyone feels supported in their learning journey.

Conclusion and Extension:

  1. Review Session: Gather the class to review the equations they’ve solved and the snowpiles they’ve built. This recap reinforces their understanding of addition concepts.
  2. Further Practice: Consider additional addition activities such as playing math games, using manipulatives, or engaging in real-world problem-solving exercises to reinforce addition skills.

By following these steps and incorporating engaging activities like the Koala Snowpile Addition Game, educators can make learning addition enjoyable and impactful while strengthening students’ mathematical skills in an interactive way.


Addition Activities

his is such a fun, hands on math game for kindergartners that helps achieve fluency while having FUN! See all our fun addition activities for kids or take a peak at all our thousdans of FREE math worksheets!

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Winter Printables

addition games for kindergarten

free addition games for kindergarten

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