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Dragon Vase Portray Venture for Youngsters

January 9, 2023
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Connect literature, art, and raising globally aware children with this sweet little dragon vase painting project for kids.

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From a Japanese Samurai helmet to a Iranian Medallion rug, “Adventures in Asian Art, An Afternoon at the Museum,” gives children an introduction to a variety of Asian artwork. Join in the adventure and wander through the museum exhibit halls as you turn each page of the book. Discuss the colors and textures of the art with your children. 

Want to extend the learning even more? Try to find several of the places mentioned on a map of the world! ——> Get a copy of the book HERE.


After reading, discuss some of your favorite pieces of art.  Then assemble the materials to make your very own dragon vase flower painting.

Dragon Vase Painting Project for Kids

Materials Needed for Dragon Vase Painting Project for Kids:

  • Printed vase and poem
  • Large white sheets of construction paper.
  • Scissors
  • Brown markers or Kwik Stix
  • White and red tempera paint
  • Flower stamp
  • Paper plate
  • Wipes (optional but helpful)

——> Download the vase and poem HERE.

Getting Prepared for Dragon Vase Painting Project for Kids

First, print one copy of the vase and poem from the book for each child. Then, cut the poem sheet into fourths on the dotted line.

Then, make or purchase flower stamps.  We hot glued flower sponges onto cardboard.

Prepare the area for painting with children. Place paint on a paper plate for ease of clean up.

Directions to Make the Dragon Vase Painting Project for Kids

Step by Step directions to make the Dragon Vase Painting Project with Kids

Set the long white paper down in front of each child.  Draw a 3 dots in the top third of the paper.  One dot in the middle, just below where the top of the vase would land when placed on the paper.

Using a brown marker, have the child draw a line from the top dots to the lower one. Encourage older children to look at a branch for inspiration.  For younger children, say “connect the dots to make the branches.” Point to the two dots that need to be connected.

Fold the white paper in half so the tops of the branches are facing upwards.  This keeps all the flowers on the top and gives the effect of flowers in the vase.  Let the children mix red and white to make 3 or more hues of pink. Stamp pink flowers in the paint and  onto the branches.

Have the children cut the vase out while the paint is drying.

Glue the vase to the bottom so that the branches extend out of the top part of the vase. Glue the poem sheet any place the child chooses. (I’d lean towards a place that isn’t painted.)

Have the child sign their name on the bottom and write the year it was painted.

Display the artwork.

“If you don’t have flower stamps or sponges to do this, crinkle up tissue paper and glue it on. Then, you get a 3-D look as well.” via Ann Niklasson of Tuttle Publishing

Exploring Asian Art: Drafon Vase Painting Project for Kids.


Then, go on your own afternoon adventure.  Spend an afternoon exploring an Asian art collection at your local museum.  See if you can find miniature sculptures (netsuke), a tea kettle, or even a picture of a dragon. Don’t forget to leave with a little souvenir – it’s not only a great way to remember your afternoon adventure, but also supports local arts!

As part of the annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day, I am partnering with Tuttle Publishing to share one of the latest, and must have, diverse books for children.

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