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DIY Stamps with Designs from India

October 25, 2023
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The patterns and designs that come from India are eye catching. Here’s a fun way to teach your child about art and India. Create your own stamp!

Looking at a few Indian patterns and designs through items from India in our house we started to discover some reoccurring patterns. I had my daughter collect those items and start to make sketches on the designs.

We also explored websites that featured Indian items to make it easier to create.

Exploring Designs from India with Kids

In making her drawings we noticed a few reoccurring patterns. Have you ever noticed them?

Here’s a simple way to create DIY stamps from India for your child. 

  • Reused cardboard box
  • Hot glue gun and glue 
  • Marker
  • Paper
  • India clip art. 

Have your child create a design on the cardboard surface inspired by the Indian designs they’ve observed. For younger children have them show you the design they like and draw it for them on the cardboard.

Then the adults will trace the design with hot glue gun and allow to cool. Once cool cut out stamps to use for projects.

The India Design Stamps can be used for 

  • stamping with ink 
  • crayon rubbings
  • playing with playground or air clay 

To see how we used our stamps to create a Diya for Diwali visit my guest post on Little Passports this week {Click Here}

Check out their Little Passports Explorer Kits while you’re there too! Love traveling the world with their kits.

How to Make Your Own Diyas for Diwali

See how to create your Own Diya for Diwali.

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