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Custom-made Studying Options For L&D

April 6, 2023
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Customized Learning Solutions

In this article we will learn what customized learning solutions can be implemented within any organization as a provided service, how these customized solutions can help your L&D teams and your customers, and where they can be used. Let's begin! All of the solutions listed below can be used to create a comprehensive learning system for both your employees and your clients.

Customized Learning Solutions For L&D

1. Learning Design

This solution shows you how a group of Instructional Designers create learning materials using a particular technique, a particular Learning Management System (LMS), or an authoring tool, based on design guidelines and a template. This solution can help your customers or your internal team have access anytime to any kind of online course and learning experience. This solution can be used when you:

  • Need to create an entire learning program
  • A learning academy
  • Different course packages for external customers
  • Want to quickly build an onboarding strategy for new hires

2. Onboarding Plans For Your L&D Team

This solution shows either a general set of courses, delivered face-to-face, Virtual Intructor-Led Training, Instructor-Led Training, or customized training, created and delivered by a trainer or a group of trainers who have been contracted or hired internally by the organization. It can help you and your customers receive a tailored practical experience for the employees. The difference between online courses and this solution is that the learners can learn more by doing and can also experience face-to-face interactions. This solution can be used when you want to combine human interaction with tailored learning.

3. Certifications

An L&D certification is a diploma received at the end of training classes, group, or individual activities, with a final exam or project. This solution can help your customer get certified on a specific, product, information, or ability, by using it as proof of knowledge and visibility. This solution can be used when you develop a learning academy within the organization on certain topics, as well as for your external customers, getting them certified for the skills you teach them.

4. Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems provide an integrated solution for any organization that wants to keep all its training courses in one single place. Also, it can contain other resources that are beneficial to the organization, such as articles, job aids, processes, etc. This solution can be used when you need to build a learning program/department and start developing a lot of courses within the company.

5. Online Courses

Online courses represent the most viable solution for anyone who wants to learn anytime, from anywhere, and have an unlimited amount of information. This will help you, your employees, or outside clients in becoming more knowledgeable, replicating specialized material through gamification, and obtaining certification on a certain subject. This solution can be used when any organization needs to prepare a number of employees to undertake specific tasks and activities fast.

6. Learning Materials

Learning materials can include program presentations, course catalogs, handbooks, job aids, processes and procedures, articles, eBooks, etc. It helps any employee organization or customers receive documented information in a format that can be covered very quickly but is also useful when specific tasks need to be performed immediately as per the process. This solution can be used:

  • Internally for any organization with learning materials such as handbooks, processes and procedures, articles, eBooks, and job aids.
  • Externally for clients with learning materials such as program presentations, and course catalogs.

7. Learning Conferences

A learning conference can be the best opportunity to create both an internal or an external learning event for your clients in order to:

  • Celebrate success
  • Bring together a number of people and recognize their contributions
  • Provide learning information/training on certain topics

This solution can be used occasionally, when you want to organize unique events that will enable the beneficiaries to obtain comprehensive knowledge, training, or recognition at a planned and specially designed event. These events can be held internally or externally.

8. Learning Consulting

Providing learning consulting on different products or services to your customers can help them become more prepared and knowledgeable, increase productivity for their businesses, and help them keep track of their business activities by having a clear understanding of the measures that need to be taken. This solution can be used for your external clients when they need to improve certain business operations. Learning strategies, training delivery, learning processes, and methodologies are a few examples of learning consulting solutions.

9. Mentoring

This solution is a reciprocal and collaborative relationship between a more prepared organization or person and its clients that need support for growth, learning, and development. This solution can be used as a one-to-one meeting, distance mentoring, or group mentoring. Your customers will benefit from this service based on a specific need, and it may help them to find a concrete solution for their business needs.


I believe that providing tailored and customized learning solutions for L&D within the organization, as well as for your external customers, can help them with:

  • Easier needs analysis and problem-solving
  • Maintaining procedures over time and continuously reaping the benefits of doing so
  • Long-term relationship improvement can come about through some learning strategies, including learning conferences and certifications
  • Effective employee preparation

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