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Create Your Personal Spring Photograph Scavenger Hunt for Youngsters

March 10, 2023
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Teaching your child to have an eye for observation can be lots of fun. Create a spring photo scavenger hunt with kids!

Here’s how you can encourage them this spring to be on the lookout for the change in season.

child with camera taking Spring Photos of flowers in trees

Spring Photo Scavenger Hunt with Kids

There are a variety of ways that you can teach your child about science at home to enhance on the science curriculum at school.

Last week’s After School Party  there were tips for Lady Bug Science and we’ve been sharing a bit more about S.T.E.M activities.

Here’s how we explored our community on a photo scavenger Hunt for Spring!

kids walking using camera on scavenger hunt looking for signs on spring in the trees and plants.

This week we went on many observation walks about our neighborhood to look for signs of Spring.

It seems to be a bit early in our parts of the world down in Florida, my apologies up north if you are still covered in snow with our photos.

We have an older camera that we don’t use as much anymore, so I was able to give it to my 7 year old for her to use it to do a scavenger hunt and find signs of spring as we walked each day.

(Your phone or ipad can work too, if you trust them with it.)

Teaching her to use her eye of observation and deductive reasoning to find the things that are changing.

We happen to have quite a few trees that blossom in our community, honestly, there’s not that much in Florida so it’s hard to find the changes.  

We also were looking for birds to count for the Great Backyard Bird Count. Did you participate?

Spring Observation Sheet and Spring Journal

Once we were home she used the Spring Observation Sheet and Spring Journal to record her findings. She was encouraged to do a little bit of research this year to find out what types of trees we were discovering.

We’ll use the images she took to also use as Writing prompts this spring.  Of course Mommy couldn’t resist taking a few of her own while I was watching, who could resist these gorgeous blossoms?

Over the next few months we’ll return to each of our photo spots and document with our camera and journal the changes she observes.

Do you have a special spot in your yard or community that you enjoy watching change in spring?

Spring Books for Kids

Here are a few fun spring books to welcome the change in season with your child.

Looking for more nature ideas? Check out our Gardening with Kids Series featuring Learning & Growing in the garden.  

Want to learn more about Spring? Go on a Spring Virtual Field Trip!

spring virtual field trips for kids with flowers, trees, baby animals and more

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