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Concepts for a Teddy Bear Tea Occasion

January 13, 2024
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“I’m sharing how my kids plan a tea party with Goldfish Grahams as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #GoldfishTales”

One favorite spot that my two girls love to plan and create play ideas in is their playground clubhouse.  They tend to spend a lot of time in the afternoons up in their clubhouse imagining all sorts of things.  Most recently their snack time with Goldfish® crackers turned into a whole other adventure…. a teddy bear tea party.  

Teddy Bear Tea Party Ideas  

Finding opportunities for my two girls who are four years apart to play together can be challenging sometimes. Make believe play is one activity that they are both drawn to at this time at ages 8 and 4. It’s such a fun age to observe as their creative thoughts are played out right in front of you. This afternoon was no different.

We try to change things up sometimes with our kid’s snacks in the afternoon and where we have them.  It helps break up our long afternoon routine. I gave my girls Honey Goldfish Grahams  to try for snack time and encouraged them to head out outdoors to enjoy. 

The next thing that happened was that I see the girls head back indoors and grab a few of their teddy bears, a few tea cups. They both carried them up the back ladder, I must admit it was so cute. 

Then my oldest came in and cut out some triangles from some scrap paper I keep on hand for them to create with. She carried her triangles and tape outdoors to join her little sister. I had to ask what they were up to and they both proceeded to inform me of their teddy bear picnic with the Goldfish Grahams. 

I asked them both why teddy bears and they explained that bears like to eat honey. Then they explained that they wanted to decorate for the tea party as they started to create a banner for the playground. 

They created such a fun moment for snack time with their teddy bear tea party and Goldfish Grahams. I imagine next we’ll be seeing a camping experience with chocolate and marshmallows added to the mix for s’mores together with them which sounds delicious. 

I watched as the two pretended to host a party with their bears and snack together. My hope is one day they’ll look back and remember these special times together imagining about the world or a tiny tea party they hosted for their teddy bears at snack time. Goldfish Grahams are a great snack that kids love to eat and play with.

Reminds me how important it is to have these types of opportunities and materials readily available to imagine with. 

Next time we are sitting down to do some creative writing together I hope that they will take some time to write a story about their Teddy Bear Tea Party and Goldfish Grahams – The Snack that Smiles Back®

Who would your child invite to their snack-time Tea Party with Goldfish Grahams?

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