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Christmas Items for Grandparents: 2023 Holidays

October 28, 2023
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As hard as it is to find gifts for our teens, finding unique gift ideas for grandparents is even more challenging. Many have begun the process of downsizing and don’t need or want more “stuff.”

However, we still seek original gift ideas for cherished family members each holiday. Besides, playing Santa is fun, especially if you can surprise your parents with a thoughtful present. 

Take note of these ideas as you make a list for Grandpa and Grammy, Nana, Papa, or whatever sweet names the grandkids have bestowed upon them. 

Note — We are a readers-supported site and receive a small compensation from purchases made through some of the links in this post.

Christmas Gifts for Grandma and Grampa 

Vuori Clothing

We LOVE this brand for athletic and casual wear. The fabric is incredibly soft, and every family member has enjoyed each pair of pants or top they have worn.

Motion Sensor Lights (Amazon)

These light up when they sense movement so that your mom or dad can have their steps illuminated if they get out of bed at night. It can be installed under the bed, the bathroom, or any space where automatic illumination will enhance safety.

Aura Digital Frame (Amazon)

Aura Mason

The coolest thing is that this frame has a unique email address; when you email it pics, they automatically upload to the frame. (Requires WIFI.) Photos that ordinarily just live on our phones become the source of digital entertainment your parents will enjoy watching as the Aura cycles through images every few seconds. 

Minted Photo Gifts (Minted)

The online site Minted has gorgeous photo gifts that can be customized with family images that celebrate the special bond grandparents have with their grandchildren. Other cute gifts can be personalized, too, an extra thoughtful touch.

Cuisinart Electric Kettle (Amazon)

An electric kettle is a wonderful gift, especially if your parents like to make a cup of tea, as there are temperature settings for different beverages — 160 degrees for delicate teas, 175 degrees for green tea, 185 degrees for white tea, or 190 degrees for oolong tea. There are also settings for coffee, cocoa, heat, and eating noodles or oatmeal. Safety features include auto-shutoff and stay-cool handle. 

This kettle gets the top reviews and is the one I use daily!

Ancestry DNA Genetic Testing Kit (Amazon)

Genealogy kits are popular gifts for adults. Why not allow your parents to learn more about their family history through a DNA test?  

Coway Air Purifier (Amazon)

Conway air purifier

The Coway Air Purifier gets RAVE reviews by the New York Times, which has spent years testing multiple models. This one captures and reduces up to 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in the air, including pollen, pollutants, and other allergens. It also reduces odors, which can be especially helpful if they have pets. 

Minted Custom Calendar (Minted)

One of our tech-savvy kids collects photos from the family beginning in October and arranges them into a custom calendar for the upcoming year. She adds dates for each family member’s birthday, anniversaries, and other significant events. Every month has new images — this gift that grandparents will enjoy all year.

YETI Wine Tumblers (YETI)

yeti wine cooler

If your parents enjoy drinking wine, YETI tumblers will keep their favorite beverage chilled for 24 hours.

Mini Air Purifier (Amazon)


Levoit is another top brand, and they now make a mini version of the air purifier, which is easier to set up in a smaller space than a full-sized model. Add a few drops of essential oils to the aroma pad to release a pleasing fragrance. 

COOP Bed Pillows (Amazon)

Coop pillow

Do the bed pillows at your parent’s home date back to when you were a child? Time to replace them! This pillow is the best overall, according to Good Housekeeping, and has 46,000 reviews on Amazon. It has a unique adjustable feature and extra filling for those who prefer a plumper pillow.

Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock (Amazon)

sunrise alarm clock

Getting a good night’s sleep can be even harder as we age. This very well-priced alarm clock allows the user to wake up with gradually more and more light, resulting in a gentle and natural start to the day. This one also functions as a clock radio with FM stations and has multiple lighting options. 

Opal Nugget Ice Maker- GE Profile (Amazon)

opal nugget ice machine

The size and shape of ice make a big difference in how your drink tastes This countertop-size machine requires no plumbing to install — fill it with water, and within 20 minutes, enjoy crunchy ice. These ice makers are expensive but make a great Christmas gift to splurge on the present.

Paint by Sticker (Amazon)

paint by sticker

Have you seen the “paint by sticker” craft books? They were originally conceived as art projects for kids, but there are amazing books for adults, too, including the ones by publishing powerhouse Workman. If your parents are dog lovers, they might enjoy this one.

Bird Feeder (Amazon)

bird feeder

Watching the birds come and go outside a window provides entertainment and a view of the natural world. The National Geographic Guide Field Guide to the Birds of North America is a great companion gift to the bird feeder, the #1 top seller on Amazon.

MasterClass (Master Class)

Are your parents active learners? They might love an annual gift membership to Masterclass, where they can take virtual classes from some of the most accomplished writers, chefs, actors, leaders, and more.

Godiva Chocolates (Godiva)

We have always loved Godiva candy and think their advent calendar filled with delicious candy is a yummy Christmas gift. Shop early for this one.

Bark Box (Bark Box)

bark box

Do your parents have a dog that dominates their lives? Give them a fun way to interact with their favorite pup with a subscription to Bark Box — every box is filled with treats and toys that will be delivered to their house on a schedule you choose.

Paint Project  (Amazon)

paint by numbers

This is one of a series of watercolor project books that are wildly popular. Dana Fox, the creator, provides light outlines of each design. This is an option for any artist-to-be, even if they’ve never picked up a paintbrush.

Donations in their honor

Donate to the non-profit of their choice, and they will receive a note of thanks acknowledging the gift. It’s a win-win.

Audible Subscription (Amazon)


Reading can get challenging for some adults as they age, but a subscription to Audible allows them to listen to books read aloud, often by the author.

Pair this with the Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen); your parents will have an endless supply of good books to listen to.

Erin Condren 2024 Planner (Erin Condren)



Erin Condren makes amazing planners, and they are the most popular brand among the Grown and Flown community. Help them keep track of appointments, Zoom calls, doctor visits, Pickle Ball games, and family dinners with the grandkids with one of these beautiful and very functional planners. Available in many styles and colors with a long list of optional add-ons.

Amazon Prime membership

Pay for their yearly Prime membership and allow them to order from Amazon and enjoy two-day FREE shipping all year round. Plus, your parents can enjoy streaming thousands of TV shows and movies and unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs and hundreds of playlists.

Bills Paid

As people age and are likely on a fixed income, some may become overwhelmed with fear of running out of money and skimp on things they enjoy. Pay a bill for your parents or buy them a yearly Netflix subscription. Other gift ideas include paying for a cleaning service or home repair or gift cards for gas or their favorite grocery store, lawn service, car detailing hairdresser, or a restaurant.


Stuff is great, but the most popular suggestion among our Grown and Flown Parents Facebook Group, by far, was to give grandparents the gift of your time and your presence. However, they prefer to celebrate during the holidays, so make sure you and your teens join them for what’s more meaningful to them.

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