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Apple STEM Exercise for Preschoolers

September 4, 2020
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Do you like to pick apples in autumn? This apple trunk activity for preschoolers will give you hours of fun on this Fall STEM challenge for your child. Plus, you don't even have to go anywhere!

All you need is a few inventor materials like recycled cardboard, magnets and a small round object. Let's start!

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Apple STEM activity

This apple STEM activity is going to be one of your kid's favorite activities this fall as they create a special maze for the apples that go from the apple tree to the apple basket. It gives them the ability to fix many bugs and solve problems to make it work. Apples are one of our favorite topics among preschoolers. For more Apple-related activities, click here

We're offering an Apple theme for our weekly children's virtual book club! That means you'll have fun downstairs Over 20 apple activities to do for your preschooler this week!

The book we're introducing is Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins. Grab it here on Amazon.

Here is a look at other APPLE THEMED BOOKS!

Ten red apples from Pat Hutchins

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Apple STEM activity for preschool kids

Materials for Apple STEM activities

  • Plastic apples
  • Magnetic tape
  • Recycled cardboard tubes
  • Magnetic surface
  • scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Green paper
  • Small container

Recycled STEM Tube game

Instructions for the Apple STEM activity

1. Work on your preschoolers' cutting skills by cute connecting them through the cardboard tube to make a semicircle shape.

If they are still working on these skills, they can do it with you. It's a learning surface that makes holding a little easier than paper. You can even draw a line for them to follow to make it easier.

Tube game for STEM with preschoolers

2. Once you've cut the recycled cardboard tube, it's time to attach the magnets to it! This is an adult activity. We bought the magnetic tape which had a sticky side, but we couldn't get it to stick on the recycled cardboard. I just took my glue gun and used it to attach the parts. To make my little one feel involved, I let her take the white sticker paper off the back of the magnets while I was gluing

Magnetic Tube STEM Game for Preschool Children

3. Put the magnetic board on the wall or use your side of your refrigerator or filing cabinet. Any large magnetic surface is suitable for this apple trunk activity!

4th Cut an apple tree from green construction paper. We also had some magnetic apples left over from our Magnetic Apple Math Game. We attached the outline of the green apple leaf to the board with magnets, but you can also use duct tape

Now is the time to take that APPLE STEM CHALLENGE!

Apple Themed STEM Activity for Preschool Children

5. Give the magnetic cardboard tubes to your preschooler and give them this STEM challenge.

TASK: Use the magnetic tubes to let the apples go from the tree to the basket

You could ask them a thought question like ...

Can you use these tubes to pick the apples from the apple tree so that they go into the basket?

This is a problem solving game that involves science and a little bit of math as there are 10 red apples in the book. Your child will have so much fun with this easy-to-do STEM activity!

Let us know how your child creates their Apple STEM activity on our VBC Facebook group! Join now!

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