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Again To Faculty Assist Pack for Mother and father

August 9, 2023
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Welcome to your back to school support pack. Cycle through all the information and activities included here and get all you need for your child to start the school year with confidence.

1. Guide to Separation Anxiety: Your step-by-step guide shows you what happens for your child when they are scared to go to daycare or school.

2. Back To School Connection Checklists. If you can, start using these strategies ahead of school to help your child feel confident about school.

3. Games to Heal Separation: These rib ticklers give children an outlet to confront their fears safely, and to offload worries and fears through laughter.

4. Your Guide to Special Time: Discover how just 5 minutes of this one-on-one play can ease a child's anxieties and increase their confidence.

5. How to Support Your Child When They Cry: Learn what to say – and what not to say – when your child gets upset using the Hand in Hand Staylistening tool.

6. The Long Goodbye: How to help your child ease anxiety at school drop off. Share this with your child's teacher ahead of time if this idea is new at your school.

Bonus Call!

Podcast with Patty Wipfler and Lawrence Cohen on helping a children with fear and anxiety

In this call, Hand in Hand's Patty Wipfler and play therapist Lawrence Cohen share playful and respectful strategies to help children overcome their fears. Listen to Helping Children Recover From Fear and Anxiety now.

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