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Academics Are Sharing Their Christmas Bonuses on Reddit

December 26, 2022
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When someone pointed me to an article about teachers’ holiday bonuses, I almost snapped. Which teachers are getting bonuses? And why are those teachers not me?

And then I read it.

What was your "Christmas Bonus" in 2022? from Teachers

Most public school districts don’t give teachers bonuses. But it appears that this year, many made an exception.

An email with a sparkly GIF


A bracelet with the principal’s motto on it

A sweatshirt with the principal’s hashtag on it

The flu

Food poisoning from cafeteria burritos

One-hour early dismissal

Requests to donate to other underpaid school employees

The worst ornament.

Wait, no. This is the worst ornament.

I stand corrected. Official worst ornament.

Three unpaid snow days

THREE jeans days!

A request to chip in … for faculty lunch

Floor snacks

OK, wait. This teacher actually wins.

A $1,500 retention bonus

Teachers, I’m sorry you don’t get anywhere near the bonus you deserve. But I hope you find a way to fill your break with things, people, festivities, and food that bring you joy. (Even if it’s floor snacks. I won’t judge.)

What was your Christmas bonus this year? Let us know in the comments.

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Wondering where other teachers' Christmas bonuses fall? You're in the right place! Reddit teachers are sharing what they've been

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