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A Answer To My Summer time Issues At Final

August 31, 2020
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Ok, I'm going to warn you, this post is going to get a little into the field of TMI. So read on at your own risk.

Ok i'm fat

My thighs touch as I walk.

More like rubbing each other.

And every summer when it got hot outside and I left the house, my legs would rub each other, get wet, and get raw. (Even if there were times of more humidity in the month outside of summer, if you notice my drift.)

Red and painful.

Rub chub.


Whatever you call it, it would be painful to walk because as I walked my raw legs would rub against each other and they would get rougher with every step.

So I would end up doing this type of paddling and doing anything to keep my legs from rubbing against each other.

And then shower every night, scrubbing very well because then sleeping would give my legs a fresh start, so I would start from scratch in the morning when I leave the house instead of being partially raw and scrubbed to start the day, what would happen without a nightly shower.

My solution to this has always been tights.

I had these comfy tights from and wore them in the heat of summer. Because they saved my legs. They were thick enough to stop rubbing, but soft enough that they didn't irritate me.

And then Next stopped wearing those tights. I thought I would order the wrong ones if the ones I had were all holey, but every time they came it itched, scratched and not only didn't stop the chub from rubbing, they made it worse. I even contacted Next to see if I was missing something or if I could order a pair of soft tights that are not immediately apparent on their website, but the customer service line has told me they have changed supplier and there is no option to get them those tights that saved me every summer.

So I tried other companies. Like Marks and Spencers.
And they sucked.
And it didn't work.
And I suffered over the summer.

One day I went to see a friend after walking around town all day. And when I got there, I was walking so slowly because even this weird summer paddling that I was doing couldn't stop the chafing completely and it was all hurting me. Although I was embarrassed, I asked her if she had any suggestions on what I could do.

And she saved me.

No really.

She let me try those leggings that she had and said she wore them all the time because nothing prevents chafing like these leggings.

And she was right.

She referred me to the store that sells them - a cheap supermarket that sells clothes too, and I bought a couple of pairs.

And I literally lived in them this summer.

They're light and airy and airy and soft and comfortable, and they're pretty cheap too. Oh, and they are both ankle length and just above the knee.

And they have them in both solid colors and fun patterns.

After a whole summer of switching off between literally four pairs of leggings I had, I went back to the store today and bought another four.

I know this post is a bit of a TMI, but hello, I've written about menstrual cups and birth control before, so Chub Rub is really not a problem, but still.

For the locals, these leggings are a chic brand. I don't think they sell them internationally so it doesn't really help people who are not around me. But the reason I'm sharing this is that maybe other people reading this suffer like me in the summer and have no idea what to do. Gaiters. Soft, breathable, stretchy but thick enough to keep the skin from touching the skin is the answer.

Oh, and for the sake of humility, I usually wear these with a skirt over them unless I wear them around the house as pajamas.

Yeah, they make me a little hotter. But I'd get a little hotter if I'm painfully raw and can't walk for a day. Hands down.

Do you deal with chub rubbing? What's your solution? Will Leggings Work For You?

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